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Harry Styles was hit in the eye by an object thrown onto the stage during a performance in Vienna on Saturday, the latest in a growing list of such situations in recent weeks.

Video images posted on social media by concert attendees show the singer from how it was walk on stage during an object hits him directly in the eye during his Love on Tour concert.

Styles are visible wince in pain when an object hits you, and leans in as she puts her hands on her head to recover before continuing forward. The artist has not yet informed his social media followers about the incident.

However, an accident This isn’t the first time Stiles has been targeted by a flying object. while performing on stage. In 2022, videos posted on social media showed that Stiles was amazed by the Skittles which was thrown at him during a concert in Los Angeles. The incident prompted the official Skittles Twitter account to post a message to their followers saying, “We don’t think we need to say this: Please don’t throw Skittles away.”

Styles re-joins the list artists who have recently been affected by items when they performed on stage, joining Drake, Bebe Rexha, Kelsey Ballerini and Ava Maxas seen in various videos shared on social media over the past weeks.

Rapper Drake hit by phone joins list of artists whose fans threw objects on stage

Rexha and Drake were targets Cell Phones which were thrown at them while they were on stage, and Rexha suffered a serious eye injury..

In June, Ballerini was slapped in the face when a bracelet was thrown at her. during a performance, forcing her to pause the song and leave the stage, and Max was punched in the face by a concertgoer who burst onto the stage before being carried off by security. .

The increase in incidents has provoked protests from other artists such as Adele, who told her Las Vegas audience earlier this month, “Stop throwing things at the artist!”. (AND)

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