Harry Styles comes to the circus with “Daylight”; presents new music video

Harry Styles has taken his fans to a colorful circus dream world. via his new music video Daylight. The 29-year-old singer surprised his fans with the release of the official music video for his 2022 song on July 19. In the video, Stiles impresses with his creativity and talent as he changes from costume to costume. wanders around the circus after hours.

The Grammy winner is pictured wearing a black satin jumpsuit with cream ties on the front as he tours the grounds of the circus. Throughout the video, spectators go backstage various iconic acts performing under the dome dome. Styles dodge knives standing in front of a psychedelic looking yellow and red board, juggling and dancing around aerial gymnasts, demonstrating their adaptability to different roles with ease.

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Video director Tanu Muinho shared his admiration for Styles via Instagram, praising his versatility and talent. Muinho wrote: “Harry, there is nothing you can do. Flying, jogging, biking and horseback riding, tightrope walking, dancing (my favorite) and I can only imagine what else you can do.” It’s clear that Stiles is completely dedicated to interpreting his character in every scene of the video.

The video for “Daylight” also shows Stiles wearing a yellow sequined swimsuit with matching feather wings. flying out of the canyon. In addition, the singer dares to walk a tightrope high in the sky, this time wearing a black jumpsuit adorned with painted bones that make him look like a skeleton. His ability to embody different images and convey emotions through the game left his fans in awe.

Daylight clip concept reflects funny and hilarious Harry Styles personalitywhich makes him a perfect example of why his fans love him. However, his commitment to his fans goes beyond music and extends to his live performances.

During one of his shows in June in Wales, Styles stopped the show after noticing a pregnant fan in the crowd. With her characteristic sympathy, the musician asked the woman if she needed to go to the toilet, and encouraged her to do so if necessary. “I think we all agree that it’s important for Zion to urinate, don’t we?” Stiles joked, assuring him that he would wait for him to return before continuing with the concert.

Stiles continues to pay attention give priority to their fans in their performances on “Love on Tour” He is appreciated by followers who find in him a close and true artist.

With his dazzling “Daylight” music video and special connection to his fans, Harry Styles continues to prove why he is one of the most beloved and successful stars in the music industry today. His talent, creativity and charisma continue to captivate audiences around the world.

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