Harry Styles delivers over 6 million donations from his audience on his Love on Tour | Present

About two years, Harry Styles He traveled half the planet offering the show Love on Tour, in which he presented two of his studio albums. With almost 200 concerts around the world, the British soloist wanted to show that a world tour can also change the world. This is evidenced by more $6 million in donations from its public.

Nearly thirty solidarity organizations and projects related to social exclusion, nature, family, culture, childhood… (Family Planning, Choose Love, Physicians for Reproductive Health, Theaster Gates Foundation, REVERB, Black Voters Matter Fund – Capacity Building Institute, The Afia Centre, International Rescue Committee, Intermission Youth, Save the Children, CARE, Every Town for Gun Safety, BEAM, Theater Gates, Rebuild Theater – Venice Program, WWWF-Brasil, Sydney Zoo, Baan Tawan Mai Orphans (Pow Sarin Org), Cribs Foundation Inc., St John’s Home, Limitless, Children’s Wishing Well, SHINE, Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, Black Minds Matter UK, Florence Org…) will be the beneficiaries of this money.

At each of the 173 performances the artist has given around the world, he has offered the opportunity to make a donation during the ticket sales process. During his Love on Tour, more than 5 million viewers went through this process, so that at least each of the participants contributed a dollar (or euro, or pound …) to this solidarity initiative.

The Campovolo Arena in Reggio Emilia was the stage where Harry Styles ended his Love on Tour two years and 170 shows later. A night full of emotions that ended with the final cherry in the form of the premiere of the final unpublished song and an emotional message about everything the tour meant to him.

“If you guys don’t come, I can’t do it. I know this better than anyone. The fact that you’re here tonight, I know they wanted to make this special for me. The atmosphere you have created, the family we have created, this safe space we have created… I want to say thank you for everything you do for me. feel really insignificant in this world and how hard it can be to believe that everything you do can matter But I promise you that I constantly see the impact of your small actions and the way you treat each other It has affected everyone around me, and it affected other people as well. This is something much more. It won’t end when this tour ends. I encourage you to continue. Give love to the world, because now he really needs it. I love you all so much and will miss you very much, I will still love you so much even if you support me for a year, five years or thirteen years, it doesn’t matter. You not only changed my life again and again, but also made me the happiest person. I’m excited and happy to be here tonight. I am very, very happy!” – said the Briton during his speech.

Now those small acts have turned into over 6 million in donations: “To the most inspiring people I know. Goodbye for now. Love on tour forever,” he thanked them in his promotional video for his tour.

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