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Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber are a very controversial couple, as they have repeatedly staged personal altercations that have generated rumors of separation, but which are later calmed by the photos they post together on social networks.

This couple has had its ups and downs since they got married in 2018, in fact, the model revealed in 2021 that their first year of marriage “was very difficult.”

The Canadian singer’s addictions, irritability, traumas, fears and depressions are some of the problems that Hailey has had to deal with with her husband.

The truth is that the rumors of separation in this couple have rolled like wildfire throughout these almost 5 years of marriage.

Also samples of Justin’s humiliation towards Hailey have been published on social networks and have generated very negative comments about the life of this couple.

the door in the face

Two of the episodes that have been highlighted on social networks and in the international press, one of them occurred in 2020 when the interpreter of Baby he was aggressive towards his wife when she slammed the truck door in her face.

The video rolled through social networks and you can see the moment when Justin gets out of a black van and closes the door in Hailey’s face, aggressively, just when the model was about to get out of the vehicle.

From the expressions they had in the video and the way they walked separately, the couple had probably just had an argument.

Criticism of Bieber did not wait for the attitude against a lady, his wife, who it revealed that the young man was neither chivalrous nor respectful to her.

Aggression when leaving a concert

Another moment of aggression between the couple It happened in July 2021 when they were both leaving a concert in Las Vegas.

In the images, a very angry Justin Bieber is seen yelling at Hailey as they both enter a hotel. In the background, fans can be heard cheering as they see the stars.

The clip was shared on social networks and generated magazine covers and news on web portals about how bad the couple was.

But hours later The singer’s fans came to his defense, explaining that it was not an argument, but rather a moment of pure adrenaline that Justin experienced after a concert.

“I took this photo of Justin just before the video was shot. He was on the adrenaline of acting. He wasn’t mad at Hailey and she wasn’t yelling at him. I hate how they always paint him as the bad boy when he is the furthest thing from it, ”explained his fan club.

nothing is fine

These moments and rumors that the couple is not doing well at all get out of the way for Hailey on her social networks, posting photos with her husband, sealing their love with a kiss or posing as a happy couple.

But it turns out that the model is in the crosshairs of the controversy, not only for making fun of the eyebrows of the singer’s former partner, Selena Gómez, but for a video on TikTok, where he is supposedly flirting with one of the bodyguards, reviewed El Heraldo USA.

This has generated much criticism and the increase in rumors that Hailey and Justin are not well.

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