He excited the Bernabéu, but David Alaba and Ferland Mendy sentenced him to the bench.

In that real Madrid mistakes are costly. Being part of the most successful club of all time is a demand that is hard to match in any other club in the world. In this sense, any failure can sentence a player to the bench, especially if there is an alternative, ready to give the chest. In this case, Ferland Mendywho is ready to snatch property from Fran Garcia for what Santiago Bernabeu it came great.

Debut at home and nerves took their toll

At 24 years old Fran Garcia realizes the dream he fought for all his life. Youth composition of real Madrid He arrived at the club of his life with the intention of dedicating himself to the role of starting left-back for the white team. However, his debut at the Bernabéu was successful for him, and he paid for it. a pass error to David Alaba that ended up costing Borja Mayoral a goal and giving Getafe the lead.

To end the fateful night an academy player was substituted at half-time after missing the first half to forgetwhere not only a mistake was worth a goal, but also the loss of confidence that led to this failure, He cut his game too short thus forcing Ancelotti to change the youth squad.

Carletto already has an alternative

Given the demonstration that Fran Garcia is still not ready to be the undisputed player in Ancelotti’s eleven teamsRecovery Ferland Mendy makes him a prime candidate for starting the next match of the tournament. Real Madrid. The Frenchman already knows what it means to play for Real Madrid and responds to profile opposite to that of Fran Garciawell it a defensive blocker and a much more limited player in terms of his attacking moves.

So, disappointment is important in madridwhere they had high hopes for their young player, who showed it takes time to adapt to Real Madrid’s requirementssomething that can be achieved with patience and good work, since its quality is beyond doubt. It remains to be seen if Ancelotti’s confidence will remain the same.

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