He had already lost the final in his first game against Bayern Munich.

Harry Kane who just arrived as a new reinforcement Bavaria debuted on the wrong foot, the British already lost the title against RB Leipzig.

On August 12 of this year, the German Supercup was played, where new reinforcement Harry Kane debuted on the wrong foot and was left bitter after Bayern Munich lost the title to RB Leipzig.

Before the start of the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich had already suffered its first setback, as they were unable to give their fans a new title.

But history is taken by Harry Kane, the English star who had the opportunity tonight win your first official championship at club levelbut it wasn’t.

With a great exhibition by Dani Olmo, RB Leipzig was proclaimed German Supercup champion with a 3-0 win.

The Spaniard scored a hat-trick that appeared after 3 minutes of the game, later he did it with 44′ before the end of the first half and closed the scoring with eleven steps in the 68th minute.

Harry Kane spent 28 minutes for Bayern Munich.

Harry Kane who got it today Bavaria As a new reinforcement, he made his debut in the German Super Cup, where the Englishman added his first 28 minutes.

The defeat against Bayern Munich left a bitter aftertaste for Harry Kane, who arrived as reinforcements and where he had already experienced his first defeat.

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It was noticed that the English footballer was active, communicating with his teammates, however, he could not change the situation. When he came in for a trade in Game 62, it was already decided 3-0 to RB Leipzig.

Harry Kane is now expected to be a starter in the Bundesliga starting next week when Bayern Munich visit Werder Bremen.

Harry Kane doesn’t speak German

In a match between Bavaria and RB Leipzig as Harry Kane showed that does not know talk German.

It all happened when the Bayern side called a foul in the box, several Bayern Munich players approached the referee to point out that it was a penalty, including Harry Kane.

However, the striker caught only a glance at the complaining teammates, since the newcomer still does not know German, so he better kept silent, covering his mouth with his hands.

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Harry Kane

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