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  • The agreement aims to bring innovative proposals to the province’s healthcare system, improve the ability to diagnose and treat various diseases.
  • It was signed by Health Minister Gabriela Barbas and AstraZeneca South Cone President Leticia Murray.
  • In addition to various actions, the agreement will strengthen the provincial breast department’s best practices.

Health Minister Gabriela Barbas, along with AstraZeneca South Cone President Letizia Murray, signed a memorandum of understanding to bring innovative proposals to the province’s healthcare system.

This agreement is aimed at promote access to precision medicinecurrently used in oncology, as well as in rare respiratory, metabolic and renal diseases.

During the meeting, the minister emphasized: “From the provinces we deepened it public-private articulationand working together with universities, mayors And Civil Society Organizations. A prime example is the creation Provincial Board of Healthin which various sectors are represented.

Barbas also emphasized the importance of joint action to optimize time and resources: “What keeps us awake is affordability, which bridges the gap between early detection and adequate treatment. For this, the key point is to create networks among all sub-sectors, always keeping in mind that health is a fundamental right of people and an obligation of the state and institutions, and the ability to guarantee it is what motivates us”, he claimed.

For his part, Murray argued: “At AstraZeneca, we are committed to working towards a future where all people have access to sustainable health solutions for prevention and treatment that will change their lives. This agreement is aimed precisely at promoting the health and quality of life of the people of Córdoba, putting the patient at the center of attention, a value that we share and that stands out for us.

In addition, he mentioned his relationship with Cordova: “I would like to emphasize the importance of the province of Córdoba, not only because it is one of the largest in Argentina, but also because it is historically very important in terms of academic, scientific, technological and medical potential, as well as many other areas. I am pleased that AstraZeneca has a large number of professionals from Cordovan.”

To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Health and AstraZeneca will work together in five main areas: medical education; prevention and awareness; tests; diagnostic imagingAnd publications And communication.

Referring to medical educationBoth parties agree to establish strengthen excellence in the breast department provinces – accredited as a branch of mastology by the Argentine Society of Mastology (SAM); And medical institutionsto positively impact the lives of patients with rare diseases and chronic respiratory diseases (COPD and asthma).

With regard to the second axis, it will seek to promote action related to campaigns to prevent and raise awareness about cancer and its risk factors; and as for the tests, the pharmaceutical company will do its test and diagnostic platform For detection of genes, changes and/or mutations of breast cancer and rare diseases.

Finally, in order to optimize the early diagnosis of various pathologies, the use artificial intelligence technologytoday is used to improve the detection of small lung tumors using thoracic imaging.

This cooperation plans to organize all the data different axes to support existing records and optimize the collection of local evidence precision medicine in the public sphere.

The agreement will be valid for five years from the date of subscription and may be modified or extended by mutual agreement between both parties. It should be noted that the initial negotiations and conversations that led to this memorandum were conducted National Senator Alejandra Vigo.

The Swedish consul Emilio Viramonte was present; Minister of Health Sergio Metrebian; provincial legislator Diego Jac; Henrique Majul, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Catholic University of Córdoba; and Ruth Kaplan, Dean of the Faculty of Health at the University of the 21st Century.

Also present from AstraZeneca del Cono Sur were Nicholas Deantoni, Director of Corporate Affairs; Daniel Pitwello, Chief Innovation and Digital Officer; Luciana Krsul, Argentine Government Relations Manager; Victoria Otero, Head of Oncohematology Department; Guillermo Cuello, Diagnostics Manager, Ariel Blois, Respiratory and Immunology Medical Manager; Noelia Sforza, CVRM Medical Consultant; Elisa Corvino, Rare Diseases Medical Consultant; Bernardo González Ley, Key Account Manager, and Andres Pallavicini, Regional Manager.

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