Heidi Klum shows off her shapely body in a bikini

Heidi Klum is on holiday in Italy with her husband Tom Kaulitz and their childrenand includes amazing photos that will make you want to book your trip as soon as possible.

The 50-year-old model has just posted some pictures on Instagram with Tom making all sorts of amazing plans. Heidi and Tom are sailing a beautiful canal boat; Heidi and Tom fall in loveHeidi shows off her strong belly and toned legs while ridingand a photo of Heidi’s toned bottoms in a bikini as she looks out over the water.

“Romantic holidays ❤️🇮🇹” – he wrote in the caption. (Heidi does not allow comments on her posts, but you can bet they would be full of fire emotes if they did).

Apart from. Heidi Klim did a whole photo shoot with Tom that she shared on another fast She stretched out on the bow of the ship, revealing herself fully sculpted from head to toe. And Tom even recorded a video toned abs Heidi as they walked along the water.

Heidi looks so strong (and happy!) right now. It’s normal to wonder what you’ve been up to. It is widely known that after the birth of children, Heidi Klum started working out in the gym, but now she says that she is more relaxed.

Over the years, Klum has done a bit of everything. practiced action, cycling, bodybuilding and swimming, According to Vogue France. Running used to be a big thing for Heidi: she said glamorr in 2014 that he loved sailing the Hudson River in New York. (Her preferred route has Starbucks at the end.) But these days, Heidi just seems to be enjoying her workouts. action.

Heidi wrote a playful “wohooooo” along with an Instagram video of her running on a treadmill:

And now that Heidi is a singer – she released a song with Snoop Dogg entitled Chai tea with Heidi– is also devoted to displaying its impressivedance moves. You can see her jump during dance rehearsals, which is a surefire way to get your heart pumping.

Also? Some fun yoga sessions. Heidi can perform inversions that require a lot of core and arm strength. Here are the tests:

By the way, Heidi has no qualms about playing sports whenever she needs it. Earlier this month, he shared a video of himself doing leg and arm raises with weights while working out Germany’s next top model, and it seemed quite intense.

When it comes to food, Heidi is on an 80/20 diet, that is, try to eat healthy 80% of the time, leaving room for fun foods the other 20%.

Have a nice rest, Heidi!

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