Hematocritic, “big fan” of Bad Bunny, who is given “life” by The Family Doctor.

If we start this article with the name Miguel Lopez, this name probably means absolutely nothing to most readers. However, if we change it to his pseudonym, which he has done well on social media and bookstores around the world, Hematocrit (Coruña, 1982), many will already begin to change their faces. This man from A Coruña accumulates almost 160,000 subscribers to his twitter account, where every day he comments on various topical issues with a fair amount of humor. There it is defined as “too Galician”, but, besides, it’s a lot more. Before becoming a networking phenomenon, Lopez was Preschool and Primary Education Teachera profession that has allowed him to be close to the children who are the protagonists of another activity carried out by this multifaceted Coruna, writing.

Hematocrit is one of the most successful authors of children’s literature on the Spanish stagewith these books Rapunzel with lice, Agent Goldilocks, wolf in boots or saga Max Bubble. But his literary work is designed not only for children’s audiences, but also for adults. Last year he wrote Listen to them! For Parents With Sympathywhere he reflects and contributes his special vision on such important issues as kids free time, homework or technologyall to promote a much more respectful parenting with toddlers, where empathy, listening, tenderness and accompaniment are the axes of education.

Apart from his literary career, El Hematocrítico also entered the world of podcasts with the program Brothers Podcast, where he comments with Noel Ceballos and Nus Cuevas on various current issues, always with the touch of humor that characterizes him. On the other hand, he created gaps in the network as Branch on the portal, Art hematologist or Legends of Hematodedicated to different topics. With his versatility and humour, this writer’s sinful pleasures certainly won’t disappoint.

And what begins with the denial of the greatest:I don’t believe in criminal pleasures! I believe in enjoying things without complexes. However, he admits that there are things for which people ask him for “more explanation than others.” Family doctor and music bad rabbitwhich I would call his last two sinful pleasures.

In the case of the mythical series of the nineties, one of the most successful in the history of our country, with an average of more than 7 million viewers over nine seasons, the author’s gateway was his own podcast: “In Brothers Podcast I’m addicted now review with exhaustive analysis Family doctor what life gives me“.

On the other hand, El Hematocrítico claims to be a “big fan” bad rabbit, a singer who, in his opinion, “has as many dissatisfied as loyal fans.” In fact, he believes that Puerto Rican music is considered a sinful pleasure due to all the prejudice associated with Latin music: “In Spain, our musical culture owes more to Anglo-Saxon pop rock than to Latin music, and many from the very beginning put a big red cross on all music made in Latin America“. He thinks so because, as he admits, he used to be one of those who had prejudices associated with Latin American music, until a good friend “opened his eyes” with a selection of songs, and since then he has loved it.

When he started listening to Bad Bunny, what caught his attention most of all was “very powerful contemporary music mix With very new and original personality“. “He reminded me of Kanye West or Drake, people I love,” he emphasizes. Added to all this, except that his songs are in Spanish, which seemed “very cool.” From that first moment of exposure to Puerto Rican music until now, The Hematocritic admits that his perception of Bad Bunny has changed a lot.: “He is the most popular musician on the planet for a reason. It has incredible power, it is the voice of the moment.”

Confessing his allegiance to Bad Bunny and Family doctor, the question we are left to ask El Hematocritic is why we hide these pleasures if we enjoy them so much. “We live in anticipation of others’ opinions and what they will say.. I think the older I get, the less I care if they see me reading a magazine. Hellolisten to Bad Gyal or watch Island of temptations. I think it’s compatible with reading rock deluxelisten to Radiohead or watch successionwithout a doubt,” says the writer, who admits that he is always open to cultural recommendations and to explore new horizons that surprise him.

Considering this, it is not surprising that the writer is not much of a defender of the division into high and low culture. “Culture is culture, and the same job affects some people differently than others.. When they came out, the Beatles were perceived by the cultural music lovers of the time as noise and rubbish, and look now,” the author defends.

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