Here are six midi skirts you’ll be wearing this Fall 2023 Zara.

As the seasons change, new season clothing comes into stores, in charge of imposing the trends we’ll be wearing this coming fall, and Zara has already decided what the skirts will be. midis what we will be wearing in the coming months.

of course cowgirls

Skirt midis Zara denim with center slit for €25.95.

If there is a skirt that we will continue to wear this new season, it will be denim. He denim was one of the greatest heroes of 2023 and the streets were populated general form of this fabric, fortunately, in a much more polished version than two thousand. Or maybe in 20 years it will give us the same creepiness as fantasies about matching outfits that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore back in 2001.

Zara denim midi skirt with center cut for 29.95 euros.

The metallic effect continues to score

Skirt midis Zara silver metallic for 39.95 euros.

We have already told you that silver trousers will enhance your look. looks autumn, but the passion for metallics does not stop there and jumps to the field of skirts. In addition, this effect is also among the bag trends of 2023, so get ready to have your wardrobe tinted with gold, silver and a little bit of glitter.

Skirt with a knotted waist in metallic thread from Zara for 25.95 euros.

skin effect please

Skirt midis Leather effect with Zara belt for 29.95 euros.

We have already discussed this in the article about skirts that will be in trend in 2023: leather-effect models will be one of the winners of the year, and Zara demonstrates this with such proposals.

Limited edition Zara printed leather skirt for 379 euros.

A feminine touch of pleating

Zara pink pleated satin skirt, one of the trend colors for autumn-winter 2023/2024, for 29.95 euros.

All clothing and trends have their ups and downs, but pleated skirts are one of those that will never go away, and when we realize it, they are making a comeback, and with great force. we love to combine her feminine and romantic look with voluminous jumpers with a dot oversized.

Skirt midis pleated blue models from Zara for 29.95 euros.

Flamenco skirts with ruffles

Skirt midis with lace and ruffles from Zara for 19.95 euros.

The onslaught of the 2000s also did its thing with ruffles, and another season after it did the same in the summer flooded various garments with ruffles in the purest of styles. Nobody lives here or your cousin at her sister’s wedding in 2006.

You have versions that are more typical of the time, like the one above, or more polished, like the coral on the canvas below.

Skirt midis side ruffle and slit from Zara for 25.95 euros.

From trend to irreplaceable: satin skirts

Zara high-waisted satin skirt for 29.95 euros.

We cannot imagine our dressing room without satin clothes. What used to be a trend is now basic way to get us out of any trouble and it works great with looks above and with alternatives for everyday life.

Zara wrinkled effect satin skirt for 25.95 euros.

Photos | @eralouro and Zara et al.

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