Herrera Ahuad visited the City of Waterfalls with an agenda related to health and tourism.

Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad accompanied this Wednesday in Puerto Iguazu the opening of the Third National Cosspra Conference. He then attended the opening of the 43rd National Immigrant Festival at the headquarters of the municipality of Iguazu Turismo (Iturem).

He concluded his program with a tour of the facilities of a new tourism enterprise located in the area of ​​Dos Mil Hectareas, which adds space to the city’s accommodation offer.

It is worth noting that Cosspra is a non-profit civil organization that brings together 24 provincial social services and guarantees health insurance for 7,200,000 of its branches.

For this reason, the organization has organized its Third National Conference, which will be held for two days at the Panoramic Hotel, where representatives of provincial social organizations from all over the country will discuss the treatment of diagnoses such as non-communicable chronic diseases. and hypertension, among other topics.

At the meeting, Herrera Auad expressed his hope that the meeting would allow them to agree on the levels of medical care in the Argentine health system and achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the distribution of financial resources. “That’s what these technical tables and collaboration are for, to know what the other is doing and how they’re doing it. Thus, this theory of joint work should not only take place in the province, but also integrate the rest of Argentina,” he said.

Likewise, he emphasized that Misiones is an example in the field of health care and aims to transfer its paradigm shift to other provincial social works. In addition, he reiterated that “health is one, but the funding system is very important to maintain the same health for all missionaries and Argentines. I think this defines one of the most important benchmarks in the challenge for the future, those of us who have the institutional responsibility to allocate resources to ensure that this is achieved.”

In addition, Herrera Ahuad participated as an expert in the workshop on Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases, HTA, Kidney Diseases, Early Detection and Dialysis. The Governor insisted on the need for a paradigm shift in healthcare and the importance of showing the results of ongoing programs. In it, he stressed the importance of working together and having a long-term vision for prevention.

Later, Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad traveled to Iturem headquarters where he attended the opening of the 43rd National Immigrant Festival, which was attended by the organizing committee and community queens representing the event in various municipalities of the province. The new edition will take place from 7 to 17 September at the Parc de las Naciones in Aubert.

The President underlined that the Festival of Immigrants is one of the most important in Argentina and that it stands out for its positive impact on tourism in the central-northern part of the province as well. “This is the most deeply rooted festival in our country that has not lost its roots and customs,” he added. He said that we are living in “a time when Misiones must take advantage of these challenges that make tourism sustainable, as well as the guarantees that our province creates in terms of security, in terms of receptivity, which has been achieved on the basis of the enormous task of all the missionaries” .

On the same day, Herrera Ahuad made a trip to the Selva Iguazu Glamping, where she learned about the effectiveness of this tourist enterprise, located in an area of ​​​​2000 hectares, 8 kilometers from the city of Puerto Iguazu and 20 from the waterfalls.

This is a new offer of accommodation in a premium city, designed to provide tourism opportunities in close contact with nature, biodiversity and excellent gastronomy.

Herrera Auad talked about integrating businesses in a challenging location and highlighted the development of infrastructure, tourism and public works in Puerto Iguazu. He stressed that the new hotel shows that one can “continue to believe that you can be a little better every day, that you can invest in the province, not only by creating this wonderful, sustainable infrastructure, but because there is something What’s missing in Argentina is work.”

He emphasized that “we are committed to the development of Iguazu, I think we have achieved a lot, we still have a long way to go, but we left an interesting path in terms of infrastructure, tourism and public works that was needed.” .”

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