Hidden messages in “Lose You To Love Me” from Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had an affair complicated relationship from 2010, which started at 18 and 16 respectively, until 2018, when they announced that they were separating for good.

A year later, an ex-Disney girlfriend withdrew Lose you to love mea song that contains a lot of messages for Bieber.

Lose You To Love Me

Yesterday, July 19,Selena uploaded Tiktok sings a song addressed to his ex. The description read: “This is not the best interpretation of the song I did, I hope no one cares that I deleted the comments, but it was one of the times i felt this song the most“.

Lose you to love me there is a letter that says about idealization in pairs and how it hurt her. The first verse says: “You promised me the world and I believed in it / you were my priority and you loved it.”

When they met, they were both just starting out in the big celebrity world. “Elena” was the couple of the moment and until 2014, they seemed to have a perfect relationship. In fact, Justin was the first to talk about Selena and the admiration he had for her. “I would have a platonic love for Selena Gomez “, – he admitted to the TV presenter.

Interview with Justin Bieber where he talks about Selena Gomez

The couple later began a relationship. fickle relationship. In one of the moments when they were not together, around 2016, Justin started dating Hailey Baldwin ‘non-exclusively’, the current wife of the singer. The part that says “I saw the signs and ignored them / Everything is pink, everything is distorted” may be relevant to that moment, because even if they weren’t together, they came back a few times later and Justin kept in touch with Hayley.

The song continues with “Set my target on fire and let it burn” means “You set fire to my target and let it burn.” In addition to the very message he has, Purpose is the title of Justin’s 2015 album. and it has many songs addressed to Selena asking for forgiveness for all the damage.

Sorry Purpose song

Lose love me He goes on and makes another possible reference to Justin:This dance was slowly killing me“. Fans pointed out that this verse could be related to the song. Love will remember since 2013 and who talks about love like this: “Tear down the walls, we are going to heaven. Somewhere where we can dance again

Love will remember

Nevertheless, the clearest clue when he says:In two months you replaced uslike it was easy. You made me think I deserved it when I was in therapy.” This stanza speaks clearly of the moment when Justin announced that he is with Hailey in June 2018, just two months after he and Selena broke up.

In September of the following year, the singer, who became famous Baby and a supermodel they are married. A month later, Selena pulled Lose you to love mewhich many interpreted as an attempt to sabotage his former partner’s marriage.

The drama didn’t end there, Hayley uploaded the song to her Instagram. I’ll kill you from Summer Walker who says something along the lines of “Try to come between us, and it won’t end well.“. Selena’s fans accused Hailey of hinting at the singer, but she defended herself by saying, “Stop that bullshit… This is not an answer. It’s completely absurd.”

People keep commenting on every post by Hailey, Justin and Selena, saying: I hope Elena comes back. and although no enmity enough between them hate made a model.

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