his 3 tips for growing our entrepreneurship

Selena Gomez She is one of the most inspiring celebrities in the industry.not only for her talent in front of the cameras, but also for her wise decisions as a businesswoman.

The state of the actress is estimated at 800 million dollars. thanks in large part to her line of Rare Beauty cosmetics, which has become an example for women entrepreneurs.

By numbers Vanguard, in 2022, the company’s revenue was at least $100 million. New estimates say that in 2023 it should earn $300 million and its market value will be $1.2 billion.

But what are the keys we can learn from Selena Gomez to improve our entrepreneurship?

Find your differentiating factor

Yes, the cosmetics market was oversaturated in 2020 when the main character Only murders in the building decided to dare to create his own brand. However, this was done according to principles that few people took into account before: diversity and inclusiveness.

Thus, even people with disabilities can apply makeup, for example, because their packaging is convenient. It covered many segments of the population and, above all, he thought of those who had an unmet need.

High quality

All of them were fascinated by social networks when they learned about the high quality of their products and that they give a lot. This motivates all segments of the population to buy them. because they know the investment will be worth it and they won’t have to replace the product so quickly.


It is useless to have a great product or service, but no one knows about it. Word of mouth from influencers has made Selena Gomez’s venture one of the most recognizable on the internet, so it’s important to update your marketing campaign, establish a social media presence, and connect with micro-influencers who reach out to your target audience.

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