Hollywood prepares an adaptation of ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’

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Camila Mendes and Jena Ortega are the names already confirmed as part of the cast.

The news was given by the Geek Vibes Nation portal and the networks have been on fire ever since. The data available so far for this adaptation by Federico García Lorca will be provided by LuckyChap Entertainment, owned by margot robbieand that will be directed by Francisca Alegría.

The next thing that has been known is that two of its protagonists will be Camila Mendes (Revancha Ya) and Jenna Ortega (Wednesday), and that Lorca’s work will be adapted to the present and set in Miami. This has been what has unleashed criticism from Twitter Spain users.

‘The House of Bernarda Alba’ takes place at a very critical moment, which for many is something key and very transcendental in the behavioral thread of the work, since it is located in the period prior to the outbreak of the Civil War in Andalusia and the events that take place are highly conditioned by the customs of that time.

However, there are also those who believe that it is not the first work that has been adapted in Hollywood in a more current context and in another location and that it has been a success. In addition, many are those who point out that it would be a way of bringing part of our culture closer to the rest of the world.

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