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Movie Barbie This caused a wave of euphoria among various social media users. From pink outfits to peculiar jokes about actors. In this case, Martha Higareda was no exception as she spoke about a time when she lived closely with actor Ryan Gosling in the United States. Great was the surprise of some when the artist denied this approach when asked about it by the press.


It all started when Martha Higareda shared a story about an alleged meeting with Ryan Gosling at a Los Angeles restaurant. According to her, during a dinner with friends at La Poubelle in Los Feliz, the actress slipped and almost fell, but the famous actor stopped her, avoiding an accident.

During Gosling’s visit to Mexico City with Margot Robbie, Higareda had the opportunity to interview the couple and shared a photo of the moment on their social media. Despite the positive comments from his followers, the situation took an unexpected turn.

And this is that during the pink carpet of the film premiere, the actor was approached by a reporter and directly asked him if he knew Martha Higareda. Reaction goslin was perplexed, denying acquaintance with the Mexican actress and questioning the veracity of the statements Higareda.

This situation created additional doubts about the authenticity of the actress’s story and caused controversy among her subscribers and fans. goslin.


Directed by Greta Gerwig, the story of the Mattel character follows a doll’s day-to-day dreams in her pink world until the time comes when she questions her ideal reality and decides to travel to Los Angeles to face real life and face it.

“Everyone knows Barbie and she’s never been on the big screen”said Gerwig, inspired by The Wizard of Oz and the disco era. “They built life-sized Barbie houses… everything was unusual”the director said.


It took 10 years for Barbie to become a reality in theaters. The US release of the film was a riot of pastel energy, especially pink. The public screening of the much-anticipated film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling generated positive responses.

Filled with unforgettable moments and a massive marketing campaign, Barbie becomes one of the hottest topics of the summer in Los Angeles, the film’s national preview venue.

The film will hit US theaters Friday, July 21st.. While in Peru and other countries Latin America can be seen from Thursday, July 20.


Margot Robbie herself revealed in an interview with Vogue magazine that she was not the person who was originally chosen to play the Barbie doll on the big screen.

As stated, the person who was chosen to breathe life into the popular doll was actress Gal Gadot, best known for her role as Wonder Woman.

“Gal Gadot is the energy of Barbie. Because Gal Gadot is incredibly beautiful, but you don’t hate her for being so genuinely sincere and so enthusiastically kind that it’s almost laughable. It’s like right before being a fool,” she said.

However, despite both parties’ best wishes for an artist to interpret “Barbie”, this could not be given as Gadot was not available.

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