How many Oscars does ‘La La Land’ have, in which categories did it win them and which ones was it nominated for at the Oscars?

The history of the seventh art has been written in several of the ceremonies of the Academy Awards, where various films, actors and directors managed to break records, such is the case of ‘La La Land‘ (2016) by Damien Chazelle, one of the films with the most nominations in the history of the gala.

La La Land‘ has a total of 14 nominations, being the most recent film to obtain this record, same one that shares with titanic‘ (1997) and ‘All about Eve‘ (1950).

How many Oscars does ‘La La Land’ have and in what categories did it win them?

Despite having a record of 14 nominations, the truth is that the film starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling was only awarded six golden statuettes in the following categories:

  • Best Director: Damien Chazelle
  • Best actress: Emma Stone
  • Best Soundtrack: justin hurwitz
  • Best original song: “City of Stars”
  • Best Production Design: Sandy Reynolds-Wasco and David Wasco
  • Best photography: linus sandgren

‘La La Land’ and the historic Oscar mistake

‘La La Land’ not only went down in history as one of the most nominated films, also gave to the Academy one of the worst mistakes.

During the 89th Academy Awards ceremony, the actors Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were in charge of making the last and most anticipated announcement: The best film of the year, what nobody knew is that they would say the wrong movie.

The actors announced to ‘La La Land‘ as the winning film, when it actually was’Moon light‘ who took the award.

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