How often should I exfoliate my skin?

Facial exfoliation is an important step in our skin care routine, however there are often doubts about how to apply the exfoliator, how long to leave the mask on and the recommended frequency of facial exfoliation, which is why at SuperLike we have prepared this exfoliation guide that will answer to all your questions and explain why it’s important to add this step to your beauty routine.

Should you exfoliate your skin?

Skincare experts agree that all skin types need exfoliation without exception. Whether you’re new to facials or have questions about how and when to exfoliate your face, this guide will help you.

Facial exfoliation has many benefits, such as brightening the skin, improving skin texture and tone, shrinking pores and helping make-up penetrate better, and by removing dead skin cells, it allows for better penetration of anti-aging products and creams. moisturizers.

How often should I exfoliate my skin?

It is important to note that all skin types can and should be exfoliated, although there are some differences depending on the skin type. Combination or oily skin with acne requires more frequent exfoliation, at least once a week, using stronger products, on the other hand, dry or sensitive skin requires gentler exfoliants and once every two weeks.

There is a wide range of facial scrubs on the market that contain glycolic acid, which promotes cell renewal and fights signs of aging. It is important to consider the concentration of this acid in the scrub, recommending 5% for combination or oily skin. and a lower concentration for dry or sensitive skin.

You can use homemade scrubs.

In addition to commercial exfoliators, you can also opt for homemade and natural exfoliators such as honey, rose oil, calendula, and coffee—great ingredients for making homemade exfoliating masks that leave your skin fresh, hydrated, and cleansed.

When using a facial scrub, it is important to follow a few steps: First, make sure your face is clean and damp, remove all makeup with a facial cleanser or micellar water, then apply a small amount of scrub to your fingers and gently massage into your skin. face, avoiding the area around the eyes, depending on the product, leave to act for at least 5 minutes and then remove with cold, warm or warm water, massaging upwards.

Exfoliation frequency is key.

It is very important to exfoliate once a week for combination or oily skin, and every two weeks for dry or sensitive skin, to avoid common mistakes when exfoliating your face, such as applying too much pressure, applying the exfoliator up close. eyes or use an excessive amount. Remember, less is more, and excessive exfoliation can irritate the skin and break down its natural protective barriers.

Taking care of our skin is essential to keep it beautiful, clear, hydrated and radiant. Facial exfoliation is an important step in our beauty routine, but it must be done in the right way and at the right frequency for the best results. Be careful not to make these mistakes to enjoy healthy and beautiful skin!

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