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Dogs and cats are the most common pets in the home and fill the home with love, company, smiles and fun. We must not lose sight of the fact that they can also be a source of infections if the necessary hygiene measures and medical controls are not taken.


Every bathroom has a lot to do with race, age, climate, occupation, etc.explains the vet montserrat nurseries.

It is best to create a hygiene plan according to the capabilities and needs of each pet.without wasting much time, as this is how the condition of the coat and skin is controlled, it is always best to prevent before reaching a bad condition that causes the pet to suffer, get sick or pass the disease on to family members.

According to the veterinarian, In the case of cats, they usually refuse bathing, but we can choose other ways to take care of them, since cats do not need constant bathing like dogs, they are very neat.but we can help their hygiene by combing their coat constantly, so that when they lick to clean themselves they do not swallow the dead hair and we will avoid many difficulties due to licking as it is frequent and common in them and not in dogs , which require more constant bathing because they cannot be disinfected on their own.

Tips to remember when your pet comes home

  • Consult with a specialist if the pet does not have internal and external parasites (fleas, ticks). If they don’t have skin problems, they are caused by parasites (scabies), fungi (bacteria), or other conditions that can be passed on to family members.
  • Wash your hands well after playing with them and dry them in uniform.
  • Do not touch pets or approach utensils while cooking.
  • Hygiene of pets is necessary so that they do not become a source of infection in the house. For this reason, combing their coats, both long and short, whether they are dogs or cats, should be part of the routine, which is why we remove dead hair and constantly check on our pets.
  • Constant and frequent combing of hair.
  • Hygiene of the oral cavity and teeth (you can use children’s brushes, be sure not to harm the pet in the process).
  • Ear and eye cleaning.
  • Finishing nails and fur.

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