How to determine when a person may threaten his life: signs and attention

According to the WHO Mental Health Report, published in June 2022, Suicide accounts for more than one in every 100 deaths worldwide and is one of the leading causes of death among young people.

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In Colombia, Dain said there were 709 reported suicides in 2021, of which 585 were males and 124 females, an increase compared to the same period in 2019, Dane said.

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According to Angela Henao, Director of the Postgraduate Program in Clinical Psychology at the Konrad Lorenz University Foundation, the above figures show the importance of developing effective measures to prevent this situation in order to reduce risks and create a favorable environment for mental health.

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“We must develop actions that promote sustainable behavior among the population, develop community-based interventions that promote the development of problem-solving skills, social skills, effective communication skills, the creation of conditions for participation and interaction with others, adequate use of free time and attention to others. mourners for suicide

According to Yanet Urrego, Ph.D. in psychology and professor at the same institute, there are some warning signs that can help detect the problem: “the beginning of a feeling of emptiness, loss of meaning in life, lack of interest in activities.” with those who previously felt pleasure, isolation, frequent search for effective ways of suicide, open expression of thoughts about this possibility and parasuicidal behavior.

What are the signs that someone might be making an attempt on your life?

Among the signs that may appear and be visible to other people that a person may have the intention to commit an attempt on his life, we can name:

What to do in situations in which a person wants to encroach on his life?

There are various telephone lines in Colombia where professionals can listen to and take care of a person who is considering suicide. This is one of the first options that can be offered to a person going through difficult times.

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Here are some of the hotlines in the country:

Bogota: line 106.

WhatsApp: 3007548933


Lifeline: 339 99 99


Friend line: 444 44 48


Line 106


Health for the soul: 4407649

On the other hand, according to the Ministry of Health, it is important that a person has access to various potential sources of help, such as close relatives, friends, teachers or trusted adults, spiritual leaders, school counselors or institutional mentors. specialists in the field of education, healthcare (medicine, nursing, psychology, social work, ergotherapist and other disciplines) and others.

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In any case, it is very important to give the person a space for dialogue and listening in which they can express their feelings and achieve a state of calm (in case they are going through a crisis) so that they can later access a professional mental health support service.


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