How to make a complete breakfast

Romina Pereiro teaches us how to prepare a complete breakfast for those days when we need a lot of energy.

Many people skip breakfast to get a few extra minutes of sleep or because of the difficulty of preparing meals early in the morning. However, including breakfast is an important routinebecause it interrupts the period of night fasting and gives us energy needed to solve various daily tasks.

That is why today I am going to teach you how to prepare a complete breakfast. A the perfect dish for those days when you need a lot of energy. Take the list of ingredients.

First, we are going to use a glass milk or vegetable drink, three to four tablespoons instant oatmeal, tablespoon bitter cocoabanana or fruits what do you prefer, a few nuts and a little bit sweetener. In this case, I used honey.

The suggested breakfast is rich in fiber, which is good for gut health and helps keep digestive function in good condition (Gaston Taylor)

You are going to put all the ingredients in a blender. Then they should be mixed well until a homogeneous paste is obtained. The next step is you are going to place it in a glass or containers with a lid. You can put some yogurt on top to add more protein. You can even keep them in the fridge and take them out one at a time for a week.

What gives this dish? The benefit of this breakfast is that it will give you lots of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and above all squirrels very good quality.

This is important because you will be getting energy that will be released little by little without the spikes in blood glucose that we need to avoid. In addition, all this fiber is very good for your gut health.

Milk, instant oats, bittersweet cocoa, fruit, nuts, and sweetener: Ingredients for a high-energy breakfast (Gaston Taylor)

Research on the Importance of Breakfast

A recent study published in the journal magazine Nutrients A relationship has been established between breakfast size and metabolic syndromepathology, which has recently been on the rise, and assured that the size of this consumption is the key to preventing this condition.

In particular, the researchers noted that consuming 15 to 30% of daily calories at the first meal of the day reduced the risk of developing obesity, hypertension, vascular damage, and diabetes, among other diseases.

Metabolic syndrome is the medical term used when a person suffers from at least three of the following conditions at the same time: obesity, elevated triglycerides, cholesterol low HDL, hypertension arterial and diabetes.

*Romina Pereiro has Diploma in Nutrition MN 7722.

* Location: Gastronomic Laboratories of Batre

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