How to make my partner’s love last forever

    Sylvia… Can love last a lifetime?

    It’s without a doubt the million dollar question. A few days ago, in a TV interview, a journalist explained to me that she was going to get married in a week. She was extremely excited and assured me that, in her opinion, love, of course, was supposed to be for life.

    Make sure we can do it in stories about princes and princesses or when we watch a Disney movie. There we can bet everything on a happy ending and we have very, very high chances of winning. However, if we are talking about real life, about what happens in the relationships that we create between changeable, complex and very different people, then, To assert that the immutability of our connection and our feelings so categorically is somewhat dangerous.

    It is clear that when we already know the other person well, that is, when we know what we like best about him and what we don’t like at all, then we can really do. Not expecting miraculous changes or transformations. If there is acceptance, we don’t need you to change in order to be there for you. But even then, it is important to be aware that things can happen that are beyond our control. It is important not to forget that there are no guarantees of success in any relationship at all.

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    I say this because obviously when someone decides to commit ‘forever’, You must do this with the illusion that this feeling remains and grows (or at least persists). For this, You have to do your part, take care of the connection, find a way to fit in so that the other person continues to want to be around. In turn, the couple should do and feel the same. There are times when it helps a relationship last a lifetime.

    When Complications Occur (always will be) if there is a healthy and mobile connection between both parties, this will make it easier to find a solution. (if it exists) and that differences or inconveniences can be dissolved in order to find this space of shared comfort again.

    The problem is the same as always: if we are not very knowledgeable about the importance of understanding love in a mature, rational and healthy way, that is, that we ask ourselves questions and try to find inspiration and answers, most of us grew up with completely childish ideas about relationships that have nothing to do with what happens on the real plane.

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    I think that when you realize what life is, that is, when you take into account that relationships can end, that love can disappear, and that your story can be changed by circumstances that you do not expect or do not want, is when you you can avoid a lot of unnecessary suffering. If he has to face change, he will suffer, that’s clear. The main thing is not to suffer beyond the necessary, not to fall into the trap of a victim or major depressive states, because it was absolutely unimaginable and unthinkable. I’m just talking about being realistic and aware. Once we understand this, we can surrender to the relationship and enjoy it to the fullest.

    Love is something beautiful, the essence of our lives and what makes our human condition to be so special and wonderful. But since there is always light, there is also shadow, we must consider the B side of love and not forget that it exists and that, without even thinking, we may one day have to face it face to face.

    I wish the very best to the journalist in question and to all those people who feel absolutely certain that their love is unique and special and that is why it will last a lifetime. This is a naive and childish vision of the shamelessly changing feeling that is on the tightrope. I hope that you will try to take care of him, not forgetting that yours also needs to be taken care of equally. And if one day the rope breaks and you find that, although you could not imagine it, you are no more, before her will be the opportunity to know what until now she did not want to see.

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