how to use the herb to improve digestion

Oregano is a classic spice. which is characterized by a strong, bitter, spicy and somewhat minty taste. In addition to the taste and aroma that it gives to food, this herb has medicinal properties with important benefits on health.

This fragrant plant is also known as orenga or wild marjoram, belongs to the Lamiaceae family and oval-shaped leaves, dark green; the same thing that gives off a strong odor. The name of the herb means “joy of the mountain” and its use in gastronomy and medicine has been quite popular since time immemorial.

Among its medicinal properties stands out the high content of minerals and acids that help. reduce headaches, pain in the stomach, throat, joints and teeth, also contributes prevent heart problems, digestion and constipation, and relieves discomfort from coughs, asthma and colds.

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Oregano contains vitamin K, calcium and iron, which strengthen the bone structure. Photo: illustration/Pexels

The content of beta-caryophyllin, which suppresses inflammation, makes oregano an excellent anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of diseases such as osteoporosis and atherosclerosis. In addition, it has powerful antiviral activity, fights the flu or colds. it helps the body detoxify, reduces fever, eases diarrhea, prevents colds and indigestion, and regulates the menstrual cycle.

This medicinal plant contains potassium, a component that helps control blood pressure and heart rate. Besides, It is an antihistamine that relieves rhinitis and sinusitis and acts as an antibiotic. Thus, it eliminates both the appearance of bacteria and the diseases they cause.

Through concentration vitamin K, calcium and iron strengthens the structure of bones, Therefore, it is recommended for people with a tendency to osteoporosis and similar diseases. Another of its advantages is that acts as an antioxidant and helps maintain the regenerative capacity of the dermis, allowing you to look healthy skin.

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