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The dates for the event have been announced. second day of vaccination against him human papillomavirus (HPV) in boys and young men.

This initiative put forward Government of Nuevo Laredo In collaboration with Rotary Club of Nuevo Laredo And Palos Garza marathons.

mayor Carmen Lilia Kanturosas Villarreal indicated that it vaccination day It reflects the commitment of the municipal administration and the confidence of civil organizations and the private sector that they must take care of minors and ensure a healthy future for new generations.

More than 2,000 doses applied on the first day

Kanturosas Villarreal Don’t forget the importance of doing vaccination schedule be protected from human papillomavirus. So that this day of health is directed to the application second dose of biological.

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The municipality emphasized that during first vaccination have been applied more than two thousand doses for which he pointed out that there was a good participation of citizens who visited various UNE clinics common in the border town.

The Mayor had previously indicated that for this vaccination day to take place town hall contributed a million pesos and these actions will reflect an economic savings of four thousand pesos per vaccine. for Neolaredian families.

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From my side, Liliana Arjona BarocioSecretary social Security municipal, emphasized that HPV dose almost 100% reduces the risk of developing cervical cancerwhat is the main reason death in women in the country.

When will the second HPV vaccination be given in Nuevo Laredo?

This vaccination day intended for use second dose belonging HPV antigenthe only thing required of family parents or guardians of the minor must provide evidence first vaccination.

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It will be from next from Monday 07 to Friday 11 AugustV hours from 08:00 to 13:00and will pass in Community Center “Carlos Cantu Rosas”located at Calle Reynosa 1544, where employees Municipal Health Authority apply biological in this second day of HPV vaccination V Nuevo Laredo.

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