“I am sorry, It has been a mistake”

a slip

Social networks have once again charged against the presenter for his live slip.


By Daniel Toston Lopez

On March 1, 2023 | 12:08

Pablo Motos is not new to generating controversy in ‘El hormiguero’. After his confrontation with the Ministry of Equality for the questions he asked years ago in an interview with Elsa Pataky about her underwearin recent months new sexist accusations against him have emerged as a result of a series of comments made to Ana de Armas in 2008. They have also branded him as racist after calling BTS singer J-Hope a “Japanese geek” and after the viralization of an old clip where he presents a collaborator as “the Chinese one”. In this breeding ground, Motos had a slip in his program, calling his guest, Karol G, with the name of another singer, Becky G.

At one point in the interview, the urban artist was explaining how she composed her songs: “First I always start from a story, my personal one”. Afterwards, she continued recounting how she got to the most complex part, for her, the lyrics. “The most difficult thing is to finish it. It’s horrible because for me the verses have to be just as hard as the intro and the chorus,” she said. After that, the presenter tried to make a positive comment towards his guest, but he changed her name: “This is the explanation why an artist like Becky G gets millions of views”, sentenced, without hesitation. The Colombian remained silent and smiled, hiding it, although visibly uncomfortable.

Karol G entering ‘El hormiguero’

“I have confused you and I have said Becky G instead of Karol G and right now there are people pointing a revolver at me“, rectified the Valencian. The artist, for her part, downplayed the slip: “Nothing happens, it happens to us all the time.” To end the controversy, the presenter apologized. “I’m sorry, it was a mistake,” he sentenced.

The networks do not forgive

Pablo Motos is at the center of criticism in networks and his confusion has not gone unnoticed. jokes, like “another one that does not return to Spain because of Pablo Motos”, and ironies, “Pablo Motos screwing up. What a novelty!”, have been common by users. Other comments, however, have been harsher with Requena’s: “Doesn’t Pablo Motos get tired of carrying it over and over again? Karol’s little face, poor thing.” “There is no worse professional than Pablo Motos”, sentenced the networks.

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