I chose the reality show that you like the most: 5 proposals to watch on Netflix

Within your catalogue, Netflix It has a large proposal of reality shows for all tastes. There is cooking, fashion, couples, to find a partner, physical challenges and we could go on like this for a while.

Of course we have those who like the format itself and see all the ones that the algorithm shows them every day. But there are also viewers interested in a certain theme, such as fans of gastronomy or fashion, who will only watch the reality show if it is related to what they like or are passionate about.

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For those who watch this type of production, for one reason or another, we chose five titles that are very different from each other, with the only point in common of being part of the reality television genre. Choose your own adventure!

“Next in fashion”: two seasons on Netflix

Next in Fashion It is one of the current reality shows on Netflix, with two seasons that not only fashion fans loved but also those who came to the program on someone’s recommendation. Se is a design competition that is committed to fun and renewal in fashion.

A group of designers compete for a juicy dollar figure and the chance to share their designs with the world. The second season, hosted by Tan France and Gigi Hadid, features guest judges including Hailey Bieber, Emma Chamberlain, Bella Hadid and Donatella Versace.

There are two seasons of 10 episodes each.

Blind dates and strategies on Netflix: “The perfect couple”

The perfect couple brings together single stars from different Netflix reality shows (Love is blind; The ultimatum: say yes or say goodbye; Playing with fire; The mole and more) in a tropical paradise to find love.

As they compete to bond, the most compatible couples will act as matchmakers, having the power to break up their peers and send them on dates with new people they invite into the house.

In this dating strategy reality show hosted by Nick Lachey, the goal is to have only one couple left at the end, the “perfect match.”

A season of 12 episodes.

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“Physical Ability: 100” – Only the Fittest Will Survive on Netflix

“Time to move the body! Only the fittest will survive. One hundred participants from all backgrounds will have to challenge their own limitations. Who will have all the necessary skills?”, reads the synopsis of this survival reality where the body is put to the end.

In Physical ability: 100 there are individual and group tests that will leave out the “weakest” participants. Throughout the series, strategies and plans will be developed between the competitors, in addition to having discussions and alliances.

A season of 9 episodes.

Four seasons of “Glow Up”: make up

It is one of the most popular British reality shows, with four seasons to date and a demanding jury at its head. What is the competition about? A group of aspiring make-up artists try to demonstrate their potential to industry professionals in order to gain a place in this competitive universe.

There are four seasons of eight episodes each.

“Pressure Cooker”: a premiere reality show

In this brand new cooking reality show, 11 professional chefs must prove that they have all the conditions needed to succeed in the world of gastronomy. Throughout the competition, the participants will live in a fortress where they must cook, sleep and live with their rivals.

“Competitors will also have to apply their best strategies to impress their peers while watching each other’s backs because in Pressure Cooking, there is no judging panel – chefs judge each other in this all-or-nothing competition for the title. of the best ‘chef among chefs’”, describes the official synopsis. Original, right?

One season of eight episodes.

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