“I don’t think they enjoy watching me”

Everyone wants to see the number 1 in the world. Since Carlos Alcaraz made history in the US OpenWherever he goes, he is the most sought after tennis player by celebrities. Tennis tends to attract VIP guests and now the one everyone wants to see is the Spaniard. Far from putting more pressure on him, the Palmareño loves it.

This week, Carlos Alcaraz reintroduces his number 1 status after recovering it with his title of Indian Wells. To retain him, given the tight ranking and his little difference with B Djokovic, is obliged to chain victory in Miami -defends his crown from last year-. A feat that no one wants to miss.

Alcaraz received this Sunday the visit of Jimmy Butlerstar of the Miami Heat in the nba. The escort, who already saw Carlos play at the beginning of the year in Buenos Aires, was able to hug and chat for a few seconds with the Spaniard. About an hour later, the Dominican singer Natti Natasha He also coincided with the Murcian and was photographed with him.

Natti Natasha and Carlos Alcaraz, at the Miami Masters 1,000


“It feels really good to see celebrities come to watch my matches. It’s amazing. It makes me a little nervous when I see a person like Jimmy (Butler), important people, like it happened at the US Open. In a way, not I can believe that these people enjoy watching my games for me. It’s crazy,” Alcaraz said later at a press conference about these moments in his life.

Carlos Alcaraz, at the foot of the court in a Miami Heat game in the NBA


On the other hand, everything is praise for the new wonder of world tennis: “He is always prepared. He has never been nervous and, more than anything, he seems to be having a lot of fun. I think that every time you have fun and have that mentality of that you know you’re the best, you go out and play like you’re the best, results happen and he’s not number 1 for no reason,” Butler said. Also the Heat, Butler’s team, received Alcaraz in a big way in a game last week.

Michelle Obama, at the US Open

The turn that Carlos Alcaraz’s life has taken in the last year is inevitable. From being a child and a promise of tennis to a star recognized everywhere. The big shock for him came during the US Open, before his victory, hallucinating with the number of VIP people who came to watch his matches.

He explained it some time ago, during an interview in El Hormiguero: “In my match against Tiafoe there were many celebrities, but the one that struck me the most was Michelle Obama. When you see her, you wonder if she is real. But then once you have assimilated it, you focus on the game.” In addition to Michelle Obamawas also seen closely by nice Jovi, spike read either Anne hathawayamong many other figures of the famous American.

Michelle Obama, in the stands during the last US Open


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