“I never thought it could be his last show”

Bad news for Kiss fans. The band recently announced when the last concert they will give will be. In this way, he will put an end to a musical career of many years in which he delighted many generations with his music.

Paul Stanley spoke about the death of Eric Starr

After announcing this sad news, the members of the Kiss band have remembered everything they have achieved and gone through during this time. paul stanley He did not miss the opportunity and dedicated a few words to his partner Eric Carr.

In the interview that he gave to howard sternthe Kiss member confessed that they feel they made a mistake with what happened with Eric Carr: “I believe that everything you do leads you to where you end up, and without those mistakes, you would not be successful at the level that you could be. But the only thing that I think, personally, we had a mistake with our second drummer, Eric Carr, and his cancer.”

Stanley indicated that he had a lot of faith that he would recover from that illness, but it was not like that: “If I had known then what I know now, I never thought that this could be his last chance to act, I would have let him be, but at that moment I was sure that I would overcome the disease.

Kiss paid all of Eric Starr’s expenses

The Kiss band member said they were able to touch the subject more sensitively: “I thought it was a new ongoing condition: ‘Okay, he’s got this and then it’ll go away.’ And if I had known, I think we would have dealt with it more sensitively.”

Finally, he reported that they covered all the expenses of his partner’s illness: “We took care of him, we paid his medical bills, but we also told him: ‘We’re going to continue as a band while he’s sick.’ Well, the truth is, he didn’t go ‘while he’s sick’. He was dying.”

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