“I was a VIP escort”: The unexpected comment of Raquel Argandoña and Paty Maldonado when remembering controversial rumors


Raquel Argandoña and Paty Maldonado held a talk on the Tal Cual program, as they usually do, and recalled the love affairs of the singer.

In the middle of the conversation, “Quintrala” asked her how many motels she had gone to, to which the driver replied that she did not go to motels, but to hotels, “they took me to hotels because I was a VIP escort,” she launched.

These sayings generated laughter from the entire panel because they referred to a rumor that has followed Raquel Argandoña for years.

“Don’t you see that they said that we were loose,” Raquel commented, laughing.

After that, Paty added: “They always told us that we had a regrind house, and that we distributed prostitutes everywhere.”

At that, José Miguel Viñuela pointed out that he had heard the rumor that they were a couple and that the cheerleader was an escort, and they both started laughing. “That’s why I can’t write my memory,” Raquel said.

Then the entertainer clarified to Maldonado that they said that Raquel “was invited to travel, they paid for everything and gave her a credit card, like a lady-in-waiting,” he clarified.

Then, Patricia responded: “Oh, I didn’t know that.” This as if she was hearing for the first time a revelation about her friend.

“Oh, silly! Never! If not, she would not be sitting here, ”said Raquel.

Maldonado’s lack of understanding was due to her lack of knowledge of the term “escort”, but when she understood that she was referring to a “companion lady”, the idea became clearer to her.

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