Iconic homes haunt thieves: from Miguel Bose to Camilin Blanes

Quantity the number of burglaries has increased significantly during the summer months. During this holiday season thieves take advantage of the absence of the owners to carry out attacks. Luxurious celebrity residences are also a target for criminals.

Recently a Spanish artist and actor Miguel Domingen Bosebetter known as Miguel Bose was the victim of a brutal robbery at his home.. On the night of last Friday, August 18, he was robbed at his home in Mexico, where he lives with his children. The events took place with violence, and the interpreter and his children were attacked and tied up.

In a statement released by the singer on his Instagram account, he told his followers about the incident. “Dear friends, Friday night, team of ten armed subjects broke into my house. We were attacked. they tied us up my children, the staff at home and myself for more than two hours.”

Miguel Bose described what happened as “tense, delicate and unpleasant”, and also specified that it was “This is the only version you should pay attention to.. They say things that are not true, as some people usually like. The translator said that during the robbery “everything was taken away, including the car”, and admitted that the event was “very studied and, in short, was filmed to the millimeter.”

Nevertheless bose He explained that those present at the robbery feel good. “My children behaved like two brave men. Amazing,” he said. Also thanked his community for their support and care that they showed and assured that they would not leave Mexico after what happened: “And to those who speculate so much that after what happened I am going to leave Mexico, I am very sorry to disappoint you. Here I am and here I will stay to meet anything, in the most hospitable country on the planet. We continue…”.

Once the facts have been confirmed by the victim himself, Mexico City’s Attorney General’s Office said it had launched an investigation. about the attack and urged him to file a “formal complaint” about the theft. However, in a statement, the authorities explained that so far neither the victim, nor her legal representative, nor the administration of the residential complex where her house is located, have introduced themselves. no complaints.

In addition, the prosecutor’s office confirmed that employees of the prosecutor’s office and detectives of the investigating police “entered the unit” without receiving a “pass”. For now Miguel Bose did not comment on the alleged complaint..

Similar attacks on celebrities’ homes often occur in many parts of the world. In Spain, according to the Ministry of the Interior, 26.7% of robberies occurring in the country are committed in the summer.. In particular, in 2022, the number of thefts committed increased by 24.7% compared to those committed in 2021.

Theft of 100,000 euros from Camilo Blanes

Camilo Blanes, Camilin as it is known colloquially, or Sheilaas he calls himself on social media after the start of the gender transition, was recent victim of several robberies in his home.

The facts were made public last month. As opposed to robbing a house bosethe people who gradually usurped the various properties in Blanes were their own acquaintances.

As noted Aurelio Manzano in the Fiesta program, “some friends were helpful, while others, not so friendly, left pick up personal and valuable things that Camilo Sesto had. Tables, trays … “. Camilo Blanes He shared on his social networks meetings that he celebrated with friends at home.

Son Camilo Sesto He lives on villa located in Torrelodones, a municipality located northwest of the Community of Madrid. Estancia has 3 floors, a swimming pool and holds many things sestosuch as musical instruments, gold records or jewelry.

as explained Apple treemissing valuables belonged to the legacy that Camilo Sesto left him after his death in 2019. “It is very difficult to code because these were personal and, above all, emotional objects. Probably more than 100 thousand euros,” he said.

Regardless, this is not the first time an address has been stolen. IN December 2021 Several thieves ransacked the house.taking away valuables. The event coincided with income Camilo Sesto in the hospital.

Attack on the residence of Theo Hernandez and Zoe Cristofoli

Last October, a gang of robbers attacked the luxurious residence in Cassano Magnano (Varese) of Theo Hernandez, a French footballer who currently plays for AC Milan in Serie A in Italy. The robbery took place at night when the player was not there. However, his current partner and their common son were at home.

influential people Zoe Cristofoliconsidering the situation and avoiding any danger for little Theo Jr., 6 months old, told the robbers where the safe was and she herself gave them the key.

family home Hernandez Cristofoli located in Cassano Magnago, a municipality in the province of Varese (Italy) and thieves left home with thousands of euros in loot in which, in addition to cash, there were several items of great value.

Footballer Aubameyang attacked at gunpoint

Another footballer who suffered from the robbery was Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, in August 2022 at his home in Castelldefels with relatives. The thieves sneaked in through the garden until they managed to get inside the house. Once inside they pointed a gun at a Gabonese playerapart from threatening his wife, who was present there.

All of them were in hoods and beat the Olympique de Marseille footballer. Meanwhile, his wife notified Mossos de Escuadre come to his aid. However, the thieves left in a white Audi A3 and were not injured.

Celebrity home robberies are becoming more common, some of them violent. The great heritage of many celebrities of artistic, sports and social life has attracted criminals for many years. Similar cases Miguel Boseor other old heists like Carmen Borrego or one of Casemirostress the importance of security systems in homes.

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