If not Neymar… who can be considered the third best player of the Cristiano and Messi generation?

Neymar’s departure to Saudi Arabia marks a before and after event in the world of football. Brazilian who will play in TO-hilal along with Coulibaly, Milinkovic-Savic or Ruben Neves among others, leaves the elite at 31, an age that is understood early. Extremeness was sometimes the best player in the world after Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldobut his way out psg And lack of regularity in his game at certain key moments did not allow him to gain a foothold in this position. With his entry into the minor leagues, that debate is back on the scene. Who is third in the dispute after the Argentinean and the Portuguese?

Neymar Jr: eternal rival

Neymar from Barcelona had the opportunity to gain a foothold in the bronze position. The Brazilian did things on the pitch that no one else could do, not even Cristiano or Messi. He left PSG in an attempt to step out of the shadow of the Argentine star, but it didn’t work out for him in the end. He did not find the ideal conditions in France to showcase the kind of football he had in his boots, and kept it under wraps. He came close to winning the Champions League with the Parisians in 2020 with a great performance, but it couldn’t be. Now, At the age of 31, he came to Saudi Arabia and stood out from elite football.

Andres Iniesta: Hero of South Africa

Another footballer who should participate in this debate is Andres Iniesta. The Manchego race is marked, obviously for the goal that made Spain world champions in South Africa. He was part of Xavi and Busquetsfrom one of the most creative tridents, creation of a new game model with Pep Guardiola as the ideologue. His career with FC Barcelona filled his showcases with titles and He came close to winning the Ballon d’Or in 2010.deserved by many.

Karim Benzema: explosion after the departure of Cristiano

Karim Benzema is one of the few players who can say: who won the Ballon d’Or for Messi and Ronaldo. French He had to wait until Cristiano left Real Madrid to get a much more leading role than he had before.. White club orphaned by the sale of the Portugueseand Benzema knew that his moment had come. performance in Champions League 21-22managed to lift the trophy after solving many limit situationshelped him win the well-deserved golden ball as the best football player in the world. Your arrival at Al Ittihad this also separates it from elite football.

Luka Modric: Age is just a number

Of all the players on this list of theoretical candidates to share the podium with Cristiano and Messi, Luka Modric is one of the few who continues to perform at the highest level. to their almost 38 years oldCroatian remains in the elite and nothing stands out. Thanks to the regeneration carried out by Real Madrid in the engine room, the role of the midfielder has decreased . He made history not only with the white club, but also with his team in two World Cups. with second place and third. WITH Ballon d’Or won in 2018is another one of those who can boast of receiving this individual award at a time when it was almost impossible.

Sergio Ramos: center back nominee

Goals are the most important thing in football. But the same merit should mark them than save them. And this is the last Sergio Ramos he was an expert. Camero led the defensive line for two teams that had their best streak in modern history: Real Madrid of four champions in five years and the 2008-2012 Spanish selection. But the central defender not only stood out for his good work in defense, but also posed a danger to opponents in attack. His excellent heading and his reliability from eleven meters they make his offensive performance quite high for a defender.

Xavi: master of the field

Despite the fact that, due to age, Xavi could have withdrawn from this discussion, the midfielder shared most of his career with other players. The current coach of Barcelona has always been a footballer. He was the one who organized the game just like he does now from the group. He also came close to winning the Ballon d’Or in 2010. Guardiola’s Barcelona lead means he should be on the shortlist, yes or yes.

Arjen Robben: left-footed scandal

everyone remembers Arjen Robben signature move. Dutch He crashed from the right flank and hit the goal with his left foot with great danger. These types of goals are on the retina of many nostalgics. Though their seasons at Chelsea and Real Madrid. were not entirely satisfactory, their best moments came in Munich. Ten seasons in Bavaria showing an excellent level in most matches, with Champions League and world runners-up with your choice. His hand in hand with Casillas in South Africa History could change if the ball was in the goal.

Antoine Griezmann: quality and work in equal parts

Antoine Griezmann’s career would be incomprehensible without Cholo Simeone. The discipline and work that the Argentine coach instilled in the Frenchman made him a far more accomplished player, climbing several steps on the pitch. An assistant and goalscorer, he was third in the 2018 Ballon d’Or after a great World Cup with France, which propelled him to the World Cup. The splinter will always stay in the Champions League final in Milan against Real Madrid.

Robert Lewandowski: Reliable goalscoring machine

For many, Robert Lewandowski He can be considered the best striker of the last decade. The Pole never tired of scoring throughout his long career. It hasn’t dropped below 30 in the last eight seasons. The 2020 Ballon d’Or was his, but COVID took it from him. Yes, he took, twice, Best trophy and the same golden boots. Intermittent center forward.

Kevin De Bruyne: Pep Guardiola’s right eye

“Kevin is a special player. He sees what others don’t see on the pitch.”were the words Pep Guardiola to your player after the match. And that’s what De Bruyne has become in the Manchester City lead that is making history in England and on track to make it in Europe. The Champions League, won a few months ago, was the icing on the cake of the Belgian’s great career. who also stood out for his national team shares generation with other “cracks” such as Hazard, Courtois or Lukaku.

Sergio Busquets: the five that revolutionized the world of football

“The only number 5 I’ve met in my life who is number 10 and does everything well is Busquets. Busquets embarrassed world football. Ever since he was introduced, we started with the idea that “5” should have a good pass, that if teams play badly, it’s because “5” passes the ball badly. We have already forgotten that before the number 10 forced to play well, but now it seems that if the team plays poorly, it is because of the five. We have already forgotten that “5” has to score, he has to go between the central defenders, that if the winger comes out, he has to cover him…” he said. Juan Roman Riquelmand determine what it was Sergio Busquets for him. The midfielder revolutionized the defensive midfield positionwhich has always been devastating, but ever since the former Barcelona player put on the boots, whoever has held the position has needed a big dose of creativity. Difficult became easy. “Octopus” with a bigger class than a school.

Luis Suarez: purpose as a way of life

Luis Suarez He knows what it’s like to lead the top scorers in the two best leagues in the world. He beat in England and he beat in Spain. His two golden bootsone with him Liverpool and another one with him Barcelonathere were his great achievements when Cristiano and Messi scored so much, almost not wanting it. He was a key player in La Liga del Atlético in 2020.showing the world that he still had football for a while. “MSN” This will mark him for the rest of his life, as will many of his fans. The understanding he had with Neymar and Messi will always be remembered, making them one of the best tridents in history.

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