If you are tired of listening to the same music, this Venezuelan singer offers you a new proposal

With his nostalgic and ethereal voice Juan Diego Linares or ‘Zulia’ as he is better known in the art world, is a young man who wants to break with pop stereotypes.

“Today everything is a party. I feel that there is something a little deeper within the sad, that the songs that are only happy are not so happy, they are very boring, “said the artist in an interview with el Nuevo Herald.

When Zulia was 15 years old – who is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela – he was on the brink of death amid the insecurity of his country. This prompted him to pursue a music career, which was an unlikely dream. “I said to myself, well, let’s hit it because if it happens again and I don’t get out alive, at least I took a risk.”

After the release of her first official single with WK Records, “Cinetosis”, Zulia continues with “Complejo de Martir”, her most recent song about heartbreak that incorporates pop productions.

The lyrics portray Zulia’s longing for a love that was falsely promised to her, as she tries to understand her own emotions and feelings about this toxic relationship. The versatile artist entered the musical medium as a producer and recently won a Grammy for the Bad Bunny album. He is now willing to show the world his talent as an interpreter.

Zulia brings her unique sound to Miami in her first performance on stage at Carnival on the Mile this Saturday March 4th. He comes to complement his repertoire and shows his determination to be a skillful artist, with songs made consciously to capture the interest of millennials and Generation Z.

“My motivation is to offer something to people who are tired of hearing the same thing. I feel that someone who listens to Rauw, or who listens to Balvin, can like me. I want to bring something different to the commercial scene.”


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