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Although Nicole Neumann and Manu Urser’s big wedding is still a few months away, the one that has been talked about and speculated about since early 2023, as celebration and preparations were punctuated by a family intern between the model and her eldest child. daughter As for the threats to break into the party from the Mapuche community, they seem to be on their way.

We are trying to complete the organization of the mega-event and so that nothing overshadows the marriage union that they are planning. ulcer And nicole, The couple decided to abandon the idea of ​​​​celebrating three days in San Martin de Los Andes and found a new place for this: it will take place on December 8 in Exaltación de la Cruz.

“Nothing is absolute. Everything has changed. Everything is moving. Everything develops, this is read in the text of the new digital wedding invitations for Nika and the TS pilot. The bottom line is that the future bride and groom had to redo the cards and send them again with the indication of the new place where the ceremony will take place.

As reported, Neumann and Ursera invited about 500 people, including relatives, friends and colleagues. But although some of them were excluded from the list, as in the case of Guido Kazka, Finally, the model herself sent her a postcard in a message.

The same did not happen with Marcelo Polino, who, without at all minimizing it, got out at the crossroads and mentioned the episode when Nicole left him out of her inner circle. “I’m not angry. But I learned about Flavio Mendoza, that he is very close to Nicky, that in the friends chat he invited everyone and switched places”– said the journalist.


In this regard, Polino added: “I told him: “He didn’t invite me.” And he explained to me: “But you are not in the friends chat.” That’s all that happened.”. Challenging the fact of being expelled from the party, the host of radio “Mitra” and the new columnist of the magazine Disputes in BaI finished: “I would like to go. And let’s not talk about the past”.

Guido didn’t get it either. But we’re going to drop them both. We leave him uninvited, in famous faces. He is the host of “Eight Steps”, I was a member of the jury … Who’s to say that we were not invited? Nobody! We’re going straight”Pauline is closed.

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