“I’m more interested in living a life of solitude” — LOS40 Chile

Lady Gaga did very recently a deep reflection on what fame is for her and how she now prefers solitude. The singer, who has been in the music industry for 15 years, opened up about how her life has changed from the beginning until now and what she sees for her future.

Thus, although the artist has a very exposed life due to her work, she revealed that now more than ever, she wants a lonely and quiet life.

What did Lady Gaga say?

It was in conversation with the medium Wallpaper where Lady Gaga opened up about various topics. Thus, the also actress, commented that you no longer need the company or approval you needed at the beginning of your career. “In fact, I’m more interested in living a life of solitude,” he said.

“It is really nice have time to be alone and know that you are enough. I wish I could say that to my younger self,” she continued. “The more successful I became, the more I felt like I needed other people to tell me how great I am,” the singer later confessed.

However, she made it clear that she now feels much more confident in herself.

On the other hand, she also referred to the fact that she believes that she would still be involved in music even if she was not famous: “If I wasn’t successful in the way I am today, I would still do it. It would be on the Lower East Side. She would do it no matter what ».

Furthermore, she stated that she doesn’t actually spend as much time around industry people as some might think. “I actually don’t spend a lot of time in Hollywood. It may seem so, because you see me on the red carpet. But I’m almost always working on the case. That makes me happy,” Lady Gaga finally said.

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