“I’m so proud of myself”

for several days, Georgina Rodríguez shows how much fun she has on a family vacation and even though Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner raged on the waveshe also showed a huge body that loads, making any publication that makes a real sensation.

In another of his publications, he even gave a foretaste of the great rear guard he has had ever since The model, under the pretext of slipping face down into the sea, showed that strenuous activities in the gym and efforts to maintain a figure paid off.

ALL THE DETAILS! Georgina Rodríguez has a great time showing off her luxury vacation

But now there’s something else attracting attention around Gina, well The CR7 girl turned to her Instagram stories to post some strong phrases in which she wanted to make it clear that she was proud of her achievements, so she flaunted it in front of everyone, yes, not forgetting to thank God.

The model boasted of what she had achieved and published this messageInstagram/Georgina Rodriguez

“How proud I am of myself. Thank my god”words that have been taken on various profiles of this social network, where some have come out to question it and have publicized it because they gave their best and even took notice, “And what did she achieve? Only that her husband pulled her out of poverty”, “But what did she achieve? Only that he caught a celebrity and that’s it…”these are just some of the messages posted by some netizens who have distilled their venom against Rodríguez.

Her haters came out to beat her up and questioned her statementsGetty Images/Instagram/Georgina Rodriguez

DID YOU SEE THAT? Georgina Rodríguez, partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, shows off a powerful back-up in a suggestive photo

There is no doubt that every publication of Georgina is synonymous with controversy, because though Some criticize her for teaching too much or for those phrases that have been described as a bit “egotistical”, others came to her defense and assured her that she also shines with her own light and that she is quite a diva..

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