“I’m very playful and I itch a lot”

talents edurne There are many and they are very different. However, the singer revealed a new hobby that we did not know about. “I love taking a bath, I’m a popcorn fanatic, I love reading… and now I’ve got my moment.”twitch‘, he confessed.

To the surprise Paul Motorcyclesthe guest admitted that the channel was created because it is “very playful and very competitive”. altar boy, who was on the set and could not miss the opportunity, assured that they have yet to play together. They also match in board games. An employee reported an astonishing amount he has in the house: “500”, specifying “about 200 with plastic” later unused.

Edurne told Pablo Motos that she even takes them in her suitcase and is addicted to being “like Sherlock, to investigate” although that also depends on who is being played with. For example, with David De Gea, her husband, admits that it stings: “If I can, I will crush him, and he is the same, I think this is true love.” As a mark of annoyance, Pablo Motos restored the singer’s Tik Tok video of the pair competing in pancake slaps. “I am very playful and very sorry“, revealed.

During the interview, Edurne also spoke about her life as a mother between Madrid and Manchester.

The content to which the information relates is part of the March 6, 2023 program that Antena 3 re-broadcast this Monday.

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