“In 20 years it will be a classic”

Stephen King He is one of the masters of terror. His scary stories marked the “before” and “after” in literature and cinema, as in the case of glow, ElementAnd Carriebrought into the seventh art by Kubrick, Muschietti, De Palma and others.

A fan of Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, King has no right to envy those who were his idols in his youth. There are many theories about where his power of imagination came from, including an accident he witnessed when he was still a child, but none of them are sufficient to understand this teacher’s universe.

Stephen King

It is in this sense that he has great discursive power, that is, the things he claims tend to influence society. Conscious of this “authority” of words, King likes to recommend literature and films right and left..

Future classic by Stephen King

Stephen King surprised via your X (Twitter) account with recommendationwhich went unnoticed by many when it hit theaters in 2022: “Maybe it says more about me than the movie, but I think that Babylon It’s just great, eccentric, outrageous and fun.”.

Babylon Photo: Damien Chazelle

This is Babylon starring Damien Chazelle Margot Robbie And Brad Pitt. This is the tape that received mixed reviews, competed in awards, won several but It was not well received by the public..

Its budget was $80 million and the box office, unfortunately, was $63.4 million, which was lower than planned at the box office. budget and therefore had no profit.

“This might be one of those movies that gets bad reviews and is hailed as a classic after 20 years”Stephen King concluded via Little Bird’s former social network.

Babylon Photo: Damien Chazelle

Babylon represents the society of Los Angeles in 1920, characterized by decadence, depravity and excess in Hollywood, which is a witness to fame and high-profile falls. movie it available in the Star+ catalog.

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