In Iguazu, signatures were collected for the mass castration of pets.

With the permission of the National Electoral Tribunal, the animal welfare association Patas a la Obra held a meeting of signatures. yesterday in support of the request for the implementation of the Dog and Cat Population Balance Program in the city of Cataratas.

Consequently, about 50 volunteers were present at various educational institutions in Puerto Iguazu to add supporters on election day.

This is what is stated “massive, free, systematic, extended, early and non-exclusive castration is the only ethical and effective solution to the problem of overpopulation, abandonment and cruelty to animals.”

Andrea Arecco, member of the civil association Patas a la Obra, spoke to FIRST EDITION and stated that 19 of the city’s schools were at least partially covered.

“This is a real popular protest, We made sure that, obviously, our request is absolutely justified, the whole city supports it,” he said.

He calculated that although they had not yet completed the signature count, at the end of this issueexceed 5,000 signatures.

“We are very happy because This action allowed us to first make sure that what we ask for, feel and want is in line with what the population at large wants.” emphasized.

And he claimed it was action “This will be the best way to show our authorities that something needs to be done. to avoid the overpopulation, abandonment and mistreatment that this entails,” he stressed.

It should be remembered that Patas a la Obra, who helps rescue abandoned animals.launched an awareness campaign to reach out to tourism actors, with which they propose the city of Falls as the “National Capital of Animal Cruelty”.

The fact is that for protectionists, “The Wonder of the World is just a facade for tourists,” because “behind magnificent waterfalls and luxurious hotels lies a reality that our rulers are determined to hide. Abandonment, abuse and neglect. Skinny and lousy dogs roaming the streets of every neighborhoodThey are the hidden face of suffering, which may not be economic, but moral.” they expressed.

Because of this, demand the immediate implementation of a population balance program for dogs and cats, which guarantees mass, free, systematic, extended, early and non-exclusive sterilization.

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