In July, municipal swimming pools recorded 46,476 visits, down 15% from 2022.

The numbers of individual entries and pool subscriptions were in the thousands in July. However, despite the strong data, the three municipal basins of the capital recorded worse performance than in the same month of 2022. The heat was not as suffocating as last year, in a month just saying goodbye, but nonetheless it was characterized by favorable weather, so the decrease in the number of users should perhaps be explained by the fact that last summer it was even more limited in travel summer holidaymakers from Palencia, and perhaps more this year who took their suitcases and went to other destinations and did not take refuge in the sinkholes in the capital. In July of this year, 46,476 tickets and season tickets were sold between San Telmo, Monte el Viejo and El Sotillo, with the latter being the most popular.

The opening signal to allow diving was marked by San Telmo and El Sotillo on June 16, when the pool season began. El Monte had to postpone the opening for a few days, namely until June 26th. However, last June, with warmer temperatures than 2022, recorded better entry and subscription data, with just 11,885 compared to 2,951 last year, when properties also opened later than this year.

As for prices, they have slightly increased compared to last year. A ticket for members of the Board of Trustees costs 2.65 euros (adult) and 1.05 euros (children), a voucher for 20 tickets for adults costs 41.90 euros, for children – 16 euros. A monthly pass costs 57.25 euros (adult) and 23.85 euros (children), while season tickets cost 103 euros (adult) and 41 euros (children). Entry for non-members is €3.60 (adult) and €1.50 (child). In addition, there are concessionary passes for youth card holders, families with many children, the disabled with a degree equal to or greater than 33%, people over 65, retirees, the long-term unemployed, and people with fibromyalgia.

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