In summer, imbalances in the vaginal microbiota occur more often: how to prevent them?

The intimate microbiota of women is located in delicate balance which can be easily affected by high temperatures and humidity. Actually, summer is the time of year when these vaginal imbalances increase the particular, 50% more, according to the Spanish Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO).

Any violationWhat could be hormonal, stress, medication and many other reasons can affect the vaginal flora. It is made up of a group of microorganisms called lactobacilli that are responsible for maintaining balance and fighting off harmful bacteria or organisms, but changes in pH or vaginal mucus can reduce its protective effect and create an ideal breeding ground for diseases and inflammation associated with the presence of certain bacteria or fungi.

How to take care of your intimate area in summer

These changes are characterized by itching, burning and abnormal discharge. They can be called bacterium (for example, bacterial vaginosis), for fungus (such as yeast infections) or trichomonas (a kind of parasite), but, in any case, the most important thing Go to the doctor as soon as the discomfort begins, as depending on the type of imbalance, different treatment will be required.

prevention This is always important, but perhaps especially important at this time of the year when the chances of infection are high. For enjoy summer without complications You can follow a number of recommendations that will reduce this risk.

  • Maintain adequate intimate hygiene. In addition to cleaning the area with plenty of water, it may also be wise to use a specialty soap that maintains the area’s acidic pH. Although it should not contain fragrances or other irritants.

  • Drink plenty of fluids. Plentiful daily water intake is recommended because frequent urination helps to eliminate microbes present in the urinary tract and therefore may prevent frequent infections in women such as cystitis.
  • Take a shower after visiting the beach or pool. It is also recommended to take a good shower after bathing to remove any remaining sand and chlorine that can cause irritation.
  • Avoid bikinis or wet swimwear. After a shower, it is not recommended to stay in these wet clothes for a long time, as the humidity can contribute to the appearance of infections.
  • Avoid tight clothing. In summer, it is preferable to wear looser clothing and underwear made of fabrics that promote perspiration (in these cases, cotton is best and avoid materials such as lycra) and minimize perspiration in intimate areas.

It is also very important for vaginal health that the food we eat is part of balanced dietrich in vitamins and minerals. Thus, in addition to these basic recommendations that can be implemented into daily life, there are nutritional supplementation methods such as: probioticswhich can help maintain the health of the intimate area.

Probiotics and Vaginal Health

probiotics live microorganisms which are naturally present in foods such as yoghurts or other fermented foods, which, when administered in adequate amounts, can be very advantageous. In the case of women’s intimate health, some strains of probiotics (preparations lactobacillimainly because they are present in the vaginal flora) can help maintain a healthy balance, preventing any change.

In addition to being found in foods, probiotics can also be found in medicines and other formulations such as nutritional supplements. Lactoflora is a brand that specializes in probiotics and includes a dietary supplement. lactobacilli and vitamin A (Intimate Protector Lactoflora®), designed to maintain a healthy vaginal mucosa. Its regular use can help restore the balance of the vaginal microbiota and have a positive effect on bacterial vaginosis, vaginal dryness and vulvovaginal candidiasis, since its formulation is aimed at restoring protective forces in situations in which the microbiota can be altered by this type of imbalance.

probiotics play an important role in vaginal healthsince they are responsible for maintaining the proper balance, but they can also strengthen the local immune system, improvement of the defensive reaction against possible infections.

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