In the photo: from Demi Moore’s vacation in Greece to Susan Sarandon’s protest on the streets of New York

Celebrities don’t stop. On vacation, shopping, at work meetings or charity events, they are always photographed by the paparazzi, who leave them neither in the sun nor in the shade. Meanwhile, they set trends with their looks and travel the world in search of adventure and company.

When Demmy Moorthe actress is on vacation in Greece. Accompanied by her friends, businessman Andrea Stegos and his wife Athanasia, the translator was photographed on board the yacht, showing off her slender figure, sunbathing and enjoying the warm waters of the Aegean Sea. To relax, the 60-year-old brunette used a float while chatting with friends.

At 60, Demi Moore showed off her curves in a delicate green bikini. The actress never took off her aviator-style sunglasses; even when he hit the seaMega / Grosby Group
The actress cooled down from high temperatures with a long bath. The fuchsia float was her ally to stay afloat while chatting with friends in the water. Mega / Grosby Group

Keith Hudson was caught shopping at the Country Mart in Brentwood. Together with her daughter Rani, the actress bought a pink fairy costume for a little girl who seems to really want to wear it. Super watched, no one went unnoticed by those who were on site.

While the little girl wore a blue dress that she paired with sandals and a white bag, Hudson was super fun in a green-toned printed dress that she paired with a beige cardigan. Suede boots and matching sunglasses added chic to her wardrobe.Backgrid / Grosby Group

After spending a few days on the Amalfi Coast without Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez was seen shopping in New York. After visiting boutiques like Gucci and Ralph Lauren, the singer-actress dined at Sadelle’s with Benny Medina, Linda Lopez and a friend.

While shopping at Manhattan’s most exclusive stores, J. Lo shares ice cream with his girlfriend to cool off New York’s high temperatures. The actress and singer chose a floral print slip dress, which she paired with black flip flops.TIDNY-249
Ben Affleck’s wife, a fan of bags, could not stop at one thing for a long time. In the image, it can be seen that she opts for one in oily tones that matches her appearance perfectly.TIDNY-249

While her three kids are enjoying their holiday in Italy with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner use your free time to training with her boyfriend John Miller. The pair were spotted jogging around Brentwood in matching looks.

In black, with a hat and a mobile phone in hand, the actress and her boyfriend enjoyed a morning jog through the streets of Brentwood. Despite the physical effort and the heat, the couple smiled all the time.x17/Grosby Group

Unlike other celebrities, Hailey Bieber was photographed going to work. A model who has a cosmetic brand called kind of skin, chose a more casual look for a meeting in Beverly Hills. Since June 2022, Justin Bieber’s wife has been running this skin care firm, which goes by his middle name.

With a laptop in hand, a businesswoman wore a neon green Prada crop top with jeans to a work meeting. Her signature Bottega Veneta bag matched her outfit perfectly.Backgrid / Grosby Group

Very different from how we usually see it at parades, events or red carpets, Emilia Ratajkowski was found walking the streets of the Big Apple. Looking very relaxed and with her hair in the wind, the model took the walk to check messages on her cell phone.

Emily Ratajkowski checks her phone while walking the streets of her city. The model went virtually unnoticed in a white strapless top, wide leg denim shorts and black Vans sneakers.Splash News / The Grosby Group

Gwyneth Paltrow and his son Moses Martin attended a concert together at the TalkHouse in Amagansett-Hamptons, New York. Mother and son came in identical outfits to enjoy this family evening.

Gwyneth Paltrow and her son chose similar outfits to attend the concert. Wide leg jeans and navy blue clothes were a great match between mother and son.Splash News / The Grosby Group

Last Saturday Lauren Graham attended the 19th annual East Hampton Library Authors Night at Herrick Park Field. Very smiling actress Gilmore girls posed with his book Did I already tell you this?where she talks in a funny way about what it’s like to be constantly confused with her character Lorelai Gilmore, the one who led her to the pinnacle of success.

Actress and writer Lauren Graham chose an elegant red dress to attend the East Hampton Library Authors’ Night in New York City.Scott Roth – Epiphany

Three months after the US Writers’ Strike Susan Sarandon And Miles Robbins They joined the writers’ statement and held a demonstration with posters outside the Netflix office in New York. A few days ago we also saw Richard Gere at another picket organized by a union that continues to fight for better wages and working conditions.

Incredibly dedicated Susan Sarandon and Miles Robbins joined the writers’ strike and marched with placards in their hands; call for better wages and working conditions. In Miles’ case, the young man even wore a suggestive shirt; wearing a suit on my chest Evan Agostini – Invision
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