Incredible change of Winona Ryder with Tim Burton, 28 years before Stranger Things

With 37 years of professional life, Winona Ryder is one of the most respected actresses in the world of film and television. Her role as Joyce Byers in Strangers Things has put her back on the radar of generations new and old, who appreciate the changes in the artist compared to her characters in the past.

When stranger things saw the light in mid-2016, nor its creators, the twins Matt and Ross Duffernor the production house, Netflixthey thought that it would become the mass phenomenon that it is now, when the fans are waiting for the fifth season of the science fiction drama that already has 34 complex and interesting episodes, in which the actress Winona Ryder has had the opportunity to once again show his talent as an important part of the cast.

stranger things bases its story on the existence of a parallel, strange, dark and evil world called upside down and that it is a reflection of the real world, that without sunlight, where a dark presence that governs everything lives and that is full of monsters that serve the energy that governs it.

The series begins its story with the alleged kidnapping of the child Will Byers (Noah Snapp) who disappears one autumn night in 1984, when he was returning to the house he shared with his mother, Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder). The boy disappears without a trace, and his friends begin an intense search through the roads and forests of the fictional town of Hawkins, located in the United States. but his mother Joyce She does not give up either and convinced that her son is alive, she begins her own investigations, until she notices that in her home, there is a strange pattern with the lights in the house: they turn on and off easily and it has nothing to do with failures at service.

This was the first indication in stranger things that something was not quite right, and the first clue to find the upside down, where Will is trapped, scared and alone. As she leads the search along with the Hawkins sheriff, Jim HooperDavid Harbor, a strange girl with psychic powers appears in town, who has escaped from a government laboratory. she calls herself Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and has the keys to destroy the parallel world that threatens Hawkins and all Humanity.

Winona Ryder was in one of Tim Burton’s movies with a totally different image

Winona Ryder in one of her earliest roles in the 1988 Tim Burton film Beetlejuice.

But with a 37-year career, There is no movie that I have not made Winona Ryderwho was one of the muses of director Tim Burton, the current genius behind the success of Merlina. This is Beetlejuice, a dark horror comedy that tells the story of Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder)a girl with powers that allow her to speak with the dead.

In this character, Winona Ryder looks totally different than Joyce Byers. Nineties-styled black hair, pale, exaggerated makeup, and a dress style more like Merlina’s than Merlina’s. Joyce. Perhaps it is a shock for her fans, but it is part of the origins of this veteran actress.

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