Incredibly, Zelda Breath of the Wild slipped into the book by the author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, although the story is funny – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

John Boyne, the author of the novel, mistakenly mentions Octorox and Lysalphos in one of his last works.

We all make mistakes. When we talk about game glitches, we tend to think of funny bugs, franchise plot holes, or level design issues. However, the case that we present to you today is different from what was discussed earlier, since it has nothing to do with delivery development, but with writing a book. The novel, published by the author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, touched upon an area of ​​concern to us. quite a comical oversight.

We are talking about John Boyne, a writer who won public applause both with a book based on the Holocaust and with other novels that came out later. In this case, we are focusing exclusively on ‘Traveler at the Gates of Wisdom‘; a work published in 2020 that caught the attention of the gaming community with a paragraph mentioning Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A Easter Egg? A reference to the Nintendo saga? Nothing could be further from the truth, as the author admitted that the mention of Link’s adventure was nothing more than innocent mistake.

Red tint with oktorok eye

In Boyne’s book, it is explained that the dyes are made from “Ham Eye”, “Red Lisalphos Tail”, and other Hyrulean ingredients.

We owe this detail to the user nonono_ohhoho, who shared Reddit excerpt from “Traveler at the Gates of Wisdom” with typical Zelda: Breath of the Wild enemies Oktok or Lizalfos. Writer Dana Schwartz echoed this decision through your twitter account and as you can imagine, great stores like The keeper It didn’t take long for them to cover the whole story.

However, before showing you the problematic paragraph from Traveler at the Gates of Wisdom, it’s important to note that the book’s plot looks at 2,000 years of human history from the point of view of the narrator and his family. The comedy arises when one of the parts of the novel explains how Attila the Hun was poisoned by making red tint, which Can only be cooked in Hyrule Kingdom.

“The dyes that I used in my confection consisted of various ingredients, depending on the color required, but almost all of them required the invisible flower, sapphire, Keese’s wing, leaves of the calm princess plant, Octorok’s eye, swift violet, bulbous and fast lizard. Also, for Aprila’s red dress, I used fire berries, a red lisalphos tail, and four Hyrule mushrooms.”

Quick Google Search

Although this is a mistake, Boyne chose to keep the mention of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in his book.

While it’s true that the community reacted differently to this discovery, the same question arose for all players: Where did Boyne get this peculiar red dye recipe from? Taking into account that the author is not related to The Legend of Zelda sagaeven without being a fan, the audience’s theories were aimed directly at holy google; source of many answers and many misinterpretations.

Before the topic went viral back in 2020, writer Schwartz was quick to Google “red clothing dye ingredients.” And, you guessed it, the first result was a media article. Polygon about Zelda: Breath of the Wild methods for customize pieces of clothing and armor. In fact, the same search engine format shows, first of all, a list of resources needed to craft red dye in an adventure through Hyrule.

So, what was Boyne’s reaction to the discovery of the community? Well, although most writers strive to correct any mistake when reprinting their works, the author decided to leave “Traveler at the Gates of Wisdom” with original feature. In the post, now deleted from Twitter but rewritten by The Guardian, the professional pleaded not guilty: “I will leave it at that. I really think it’s pretty funny, and you’re right. I don’t remember”. , but I must have looked it up on Google,” Boyne said in response to Schwartz. “Hey, sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and say, ‘Yes! I was wrong!” At the end of the message, a short phrase is added in a joking tone: “Note: never talk about poisons again in a novel“.

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