Irina Shayk again appeared with a very peculiar “look” after rumors of a new romance with Tom Brady

We’re still assimilating a few of the breaks we’ve come to know over the past few weeks, like Rosalia and Rauv Alejandro. Luckily, it’s not all bad news, and there are celebrities who have surprised us by sparking romance rumors with the likes of Irina Shayk and Tom Brady. The model and American football player sounded the alarm after the publication some photos waste complicity. None of them have confirmed or denied what is being commented, but this is the first time we’ve seen the “celebrity” since the rumors.

Accustomed to the fact that celebrities show off their gorgeous bodies in swimsuits, Irina Shayk surprised by wearing rather unusual style considering high temperatures. The supermodel tried to go unnoticed by choosing black look consisting of long trousers, hoodie, long coat and sneakers. To complete the “outfit”, he added a cap and sunglasses. If he wanted to avoid attracting attention, then no doubt he achieved the opposite. Just looking at the pictures, we are already hot:

Seeing these images, one can only think: where would Irina Shayk go in such an unusual combination of clothes in the summer? What we are sure of is that the meeting of Irina and Tom “This is something new and completely informal at the moment,” This was reported by a source to Page Six. We will wait for the next news about what one of the couples of the summer can be.

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