Is Justin Bieber still ‘team’ Selena Gomez? The singer refused to walk with Hailey on the Oscars carpet, who did arrive accompanied by Kendall and Kylie Jenner | People | Entertainment

Although Hailey Bieber posed flirtatiously in front of the cameras at the Vanity Fair party, which traditionally takes place after the Oscars have finished, this year, her husband, singer Justin Bieber decided not to pose with her, sparking rumors of a possible estrangement between the two.

A few days ago, Hailey became a trend with a TikTok video where, according to Selena Gomez’s fans, Bieber’s wife mocked the criticism the singer had received for her weight. and that was evident during the delivery of the Golden Globe awards.

“I’m not saying that she deserved it, but I am saying that God’s timing is always right,” said a smiling Hailey, accompanied by Kendall and Kylie Jenner, in the video now deleted from her account (although it didn’t help much because thousands of users re-shared it).

The discredited trio, however, arrived very happy at the party, amid criticism from social network users. “Who told you it was a good idea to invite a trio of women who abused another woman? Did you think it would be a good strategy? We want to see actors and actresses and not people without talent.”sentenced a user in the official account of the magazine hosting the party.

Although others defend his entry: “The bitter ones will be jealous and angry because she looks radiant.”

But the cameras also focused on what was happening off the mat and they captured a disheveled Justin Bieber, who did not want to accompany his wife at the party and who walked with a cap and a colored quilt on top.

Immediately the fans They began to speculate about the possibility that Justin is distancing himself from Hailey in the face of his new battle on social networks with his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

The friendship between the Jenners and Bieber’s wife has also been evident at other times, like when they went to the Coachella festival together and in the appearances that Hailey has had in the The Kardashians (StarPlus).

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