Is the end of the romance between Adidas and Beyoncé’s Ivy Park near?

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27 mar. 2023

When Adidas signed a deal with Beyoncé in 2018 to develop her Ivy Park line, the partnership seemed to have all the credentials to become a global success. The enormous potential of the collaboration was to allow Adidas to generate a buzz equal to that experienced by Puma with Rihanna, or even create a new mainstay with an American pop star on the scale of Yeezy success.

Ivy Park: the end of the partnership with Adidas is near – Ivy Park

More than four years later, it must be said that the magic of Ivy Park has not worked, despite Beyoncé’s international fame. On the contrary, the bump is such that the Wall Street Journal suggested in February that in 2022 Ivy Park would have achieved more than half of the sales of 2021, barely reaching 40 million dollars in turnover. According to the American newspaper, the roadmap of the German group was based on a business of about 250 million dollars last year for the brand.

In the following days, American spokespersons for Adidas refuted these figures in Forbes, assuring that there was “a strong association” with Ivy Park, which belongs to Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s producer, Parkwood Entertainment.

However, now that March is coming to an end, two US media outlets believe that the situation between Beyoncé’s record company and the group has reached an impasse. TMZ and The Hollywood Reporter, well informed of current affairs of personalities in the United States, announce that the partners will put an end to the athleisure line.

Adidas, contacted by, said the brand would not comment on the matter at this time, but had not found the economic efficiency it was looking for, while Beyoncé was not satisfied with the results, according to reports. American media. The star would like to “claim her brand, chart her own path and retain her creative freedom.” A statement that echoes criticism leveled a few seasons ago by a still-revered Kanye West about his inability to impose his creative views on Yeezy.

In fact, the latest Park Trail collection was developed and offered to consumers in February. It appears as out of stock on the Adidas website and no product in the line is currently available on the European website. The agreement between both parties extends until the end of 2023.

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