“It has given me spasms in my legs”

Rumors of separation between the couple influencers best known in Italy spread like wildfire on social media. Many claimed that the trigger for their possible divorce would have taken place at the Sanremo festival gala held last January, in which Chiara Ferragni She had a pivotal role as a presenter.

In addition to winning over the public with a powerful feminist speech, she had to see how one of the contestants planted a kiss on her husband, fedez, something that he would not have liked at all judging by a video that leaked moments later. After that act, the lack of activity in instagram of the rapper and the sudden cessation of Ferragni when it came to hanging photos with her husband, added fuel to the fire.

Throughout the days, Fedez ended up exploding against the Italian media for further fueling the rumors and decided to stay away from social networks for a while. Until yesterday, the day the singer reappeared on his account to speak publicly about his current situation.

Fedez’s state of mental health after his pancreatic cancer

To talk about how he is currently, the singer went back to March 2022, the month in which he was diagnosed and operated on for a cancer in the pancreas. According to his account, despite feeling “privileged”, he went through a “traumatic” moment and it is now that he has begun to be aware of it, something that has led him to reflect on how little he has cared for his mental health during illness.

Behind the treatment, he was prescribed a series of psychotropic drugs that have led to important sequelae, especially the last one. “In January I was prescribed a antidepressant very strong that changed me a lot, both mentally and physically”, recounted the rapper. For example, one of the side effects What this medication caused him were nervous tics in his mouth that prevented him from speaking well, for which he was forced to stop treatment suddenly “after taking serious risks.”

That sudden stop generated a “rebound effect“, with physical and mental consequences. “It caused me strong leg spasms that prevented me from walking, dizziness, headaches, severe nausea…”, which is why he lost up to 5 kilos in just four days and for which he had to cancel his appearance at certain events. In any case, Fedez affirms that, Little by little, his health is improving day by day.

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez: a couple that fights against adversity

Fedez continued with the clarification, now focusing on the consequences of the episode on his family. Looking very excited, he had to even stop filming before continuing. “This period of time in which I have been so unhappy has made me aware of many things”, among them, he highlights the great need to focus on both his mental health and his family, especially his womenthus silencing the rumors of separation.

“During this time, many things have been said about her and she has been the only person who has stood by me.” In addition, he was very sorry for the media load that Chiara had to put up with “without deserving it” for her absence.

He rapper He ended the speech by thanking his wife for her support, both for having been by her side at her worst moment and for having taken care of her family: “I am a lucky man.” In addition, he gave advice to his followers: “In any traumatic event that takes place in your life, take care of your mental health. Otherwise, those wounds They will have to be healed later, probably in the worst way.”

After the eleven stories that he posted, he concluded the explanation with a post on Instagram in which the hands of both of them are held tightly and where the famous person once again emphasizes the importance of treating mental health, as well as not neglecting the emotions of the people around us.

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