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The rumors of a romance between Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny is no longer speculation: the couple was photographed kissing and showing their love.

Kiss between Kendall and Bad Bunny

The model decided to go out with Benito along with other friends, including her sister, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey and Justin Bieber. The friends and the couple left Sushi Park in WeHo and before getting into the van, they shared a kiss.

They all left the restaurant, but Kendall and Bad Bunny did not interact and walked separately, but the kiss and hug came when they said goodbye.

How did the displays of affection happen?

Bad Bunny and Kendall “split up when they got to Kendall’s waiting SUV…she turns and walks over to give him a warm hug…which he fully reciprocates. We can’t see the meeting of her lips, but both of her hands are around her neck the way one typically does when kissing. It definitely counts as something and confirms the dating rumors, ”explains TMZ, on his website when he broke the news.

Double date between Benito and Kendall

The first time the rumor spread between the Kardashian and the Puerto Rican was in February when a person claimed to have seen them kissing in a nightclub. Days later they were seen at the same club and having a double date with the Biebers.

So far, it seems that the couple will hide no more and show their love in public, regardless of the paparazzi.

On the other hand, two sources close to the Bad Rabbit assure that the relationship with Kendall has allowed him to get closer to Justin and, the more serious the relationship becomes, the more likely it is that both music stars can work together.

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