It is this color that wedding guests will wear most often in the fall-winter 2023.

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Of all the colors that exist, perhaps Red is the one that has had the most connotations throughout history. It is undoubtedly a symbol of power, passion and distinction in the fashion world. In ancient Rome, emperors and high-ranking leaders wore red robes as a sign of their superior position. Except, clothes dyed red were often expensive and difficult to produce, making them a sign of wealth and luxury.

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Only in the 20th century did it become more common in everyday fashion. Famous designers such as Christian Dior and Valentino. he was chosen to create iconic creations; from evening dresses to high fashion items. Moreover, red has also become a political and cultural symbol. For example, Marilyn Monroe’s red dress “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” she became an icon of femininity and audacity.

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We can’t forget Julia Roberts’ iconic dress in Pretty Woman. And behind the scenes, the one Cindy Crawford wore to the 1991 Oscars, or the one Meghan Markle wore with a cape during one of her last appearances as a member of the royal family, they also gave a lot of talking points.

Today, red is still a popular colorused to express a wide range of emotions and stylistic statements. This fall-winter 2023 is positioned as one of the most solid trends of the season, so today we have chosen the most beautiful dresses for fall weddings that the most stylish guests will wear endlessly.

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Red dresses that will be worn by wedding guests in the fall-winter 2023.



We love the design of this asymmetrical ruffle dress; It’s flattering, beautiful, and modern, but it doesn’t fail to be elegant. This is a Zara model, available in sizes S, M and L for the price of 39.95 euros.

with a cape


As a second option, we have a model that combines two trends in one: cape and red. Also from Zara, this satin midi dress proves to be ideal for all types of weddings, as thanks to the cape it can be worn in many ways (as a shirt over a dress or as a typical model wears it). scarf) Price: 59.95 euros.



Another favorite version of the red dress with ruffles, but with a closed cut, much more formal. This is an H&M caftan model with a midi cut and a V-neck. A loose dress with dropped shoulders and long sleeves of maximum volume gives the whole design a lot of movement and freedom. Price: 59.99 euros.

minimalist style


If you are looking for a simple model with a minimalist style, H&M has the perfect option. It is a midi style strapless in rich red color, completely fitting to the body. Very similar to the one Hailey Bieber wore to promote the new launch of her cosmetic brand Rhode. Price: 29.99 euros.

Other red dresses to shine and be best dressed in this place.

Adrianna Papell

Adrianna Papell Red Dress by El Corte Inglés (€93.42)

Roberto Verino

Roberto Verino red dress by El Corte Inglés (€158.00)

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