It itches but doesn’t hurt!

How itchy! but how good.

Which is special because it itches, but it’s good for you. It itches, but it heals, and they don’t know how many properties it has.

Listen carefully, if Wikipedia isn’t lying, we have a lot of information today.

It has been used as a medicine to correct tumors, body defects, and treat paralysis caused by excess phlegm.

It has also been recommended as an aphrodisiac, very useful in the treatment of “sexual weakness”.

It has been found in medical studies that it can be very effective against nausea caused by dizziness in transport, as well as nausea from pregnant women (but the latter have not been able to test this and doubt it).

Gastrointestinal ailments seem to be his forte and of course respiratory ailments such as tonsillitis, asthma, bronchitis, colds, fevers, flu, sore throats, and others.

Let’s say you can almost steal a joke from aloe vera, you know? Someone who, when describing someone’s kindness, claims, “It’s better than aloe vera.”

In a word, all conditions for Zingiberaceae, a family of herbaceous plants.

Some qualities I can attest to, others surpass my consumption and quasi-documented experience. But the truth is, yes, it’s good for you, why not more evidence?

On the contrary, what is important is what happens to each of them. And if the same does not happen to the person next to us, it is only because he is different. Never lose sight of individuality.

We live in a country where we need proof. I say this and the criminal appears before me. I remember that under our criminal laws we are all innocent until proven guilty (and sometimes even when proven, they are where they should be).

But not only criminal, but also personal. Somehow, smartphones, computers and all the social networks that circulate there have left open a door that is more like a gate to constantly check everything.

And not to mention politics. Today, as we think about going to vote next Sunday, August 13th, we go over and over everything they say; what are they doing; what they criticize; who they impose it on. Everything must be checked, at least by us. And I’m not saying it’s wrong, I just want to present it for your consideration.

We need evidence, we need real speeches, with well-formed convictions, with an archive that resists something, even if it is all that is said.

Belief in politics is long gone; In any case, there is opportunism because of ideology, and we should always check at least something of what we see or what we are told.

I think that here also lies the unbelief of which we are victims. I keep talking in the political sphere: promises, long-term projects. We have heard so much and seen so little; on the contrary, more has not been done than what has been done.

However, who appears with the greatest advantage is science. There is no faith there, no hope (in principle, shioli are not included), there is no hope that the file will change or stand.

There is science in science, tested or not tested, works or not, works or not. This is an analysis, this is an observation, this is an experiment, and from there the result will come.

Today we will talk a lot about this, about science.

One week left until PASO. There is a week left for something, the insecurities that we all have, to begin to subside.

There will be times of waiting, more reflection, more analysis and observation, but it will not be science, it will be a part of the Faith that we no longer have, but which we need.

But you never said what it was…

-What thing?

-What itches!

-Ah… this… uncertainty stings!

Different testimonies of politicians who want to stand out as their own and bury their neighbor, at the same time sting the head of each of us.

The heart stops when you see Argentina for what it is! The economy as it is! It burns in your pocket to have so many bills and at the same time have nothing!

Time itches. Because it goes by so fast. Because if we do not concentrate on the moment, then the beautiful eludes us, the not-so-beautiful, the ugly, in short, life eludes us.

But you don’t answer! All this does not have the properties that you spoke about at the beginning, and, unfortunately, never will…

– Itchy… ginger.

Surely many of you or all of you knew this.

Ginger, which burns like crazy, is actually used as a spice a lot. But it is a great ally for problems with the throat and respiratory tract.

Personally, I boil ginger and drink water, it is spicy, and if you add honey, it becomes much better.

That life continues to sting us will keep us awake, alert, waiting for a favorable outcome.

So that he doesn’t sting us too much to the point of rejection, because he won’t be the best ally.

That it stings us just enough to know it’s here, waiting to be lived in the best way for ourselves and for others.

Georgeline Trout


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