“It makes me feel like a kid again,” praises Starfield David Jaffe.

star field She is still on everyone’s lips, and many developers have already expressed their opinion about this role-playing game. One of these is David Jaffe, who tends to share the opinion of the community with his controversial statements. On this occasion, many players agreed with the point of view of the creator god of Waras he praised Bethesda’s work on his social media.

David Jaffe has already announced his verdict on Starfield
David Jaffe has already announced his verdict on Starfield

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David Yaffe is delighted star field

Yaffe has repeatedly criticized Xbox and Bethesda for managing various projects, including red waterfall. However, the creative was now delighted with the work of the companies, as he celebrated their achievements with star field.

Jaffe declared himself a big fan of science fiction and Star Trek, so he is fascinated by the world of RPGs and all the possibilities they offer. He acknowledged that there are annoying details such as graphics and loading times that are “unacceptable” from his point of view.

Despite this, Jaffe believes that these are small things compared to what the game has to offer. In one of his posts, the creative said that the role-playing game makes him feel like a kid again, as it takes him back to the days when he visited Disneyland. At the same time, he noted that he was very pleased with the game Bethesda.

star field It makes me feel like a kid again when I take my family to EPCOT and Disneyland/World. I love this game and this world!” Jaffe said.

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